Cisco Unified CallManager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 5.1(3)
Inserting Phones and Users
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Inserting Phones and Users

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Inserting Phones and Users

Inserting Phones with Users to Cisco Unified CallManager

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Inserting Phones and Users

To add a group of phones and users to the Cisco Unified CallManager database and directory, use the following procedure.

Inserting Phones with Users to Cisco Unified CallManager

Before you Begin

1. Create a comma separated values (CSV) data file to define individual values for each phones with users that you want to insert.

See the "Using the BAT Spreadsheet to Add Phones with Users" section on page 22-1.

For a text-based CSV file, see the "Phones With Users Combinations File Format" section on page A-26.

2. Associate file format with the CSV data file.

See the "Adding Phones/Users File Format" section on page 23-1.

3. Validate Phones with users records

See the "Validating Phones and Users Records" section on page 24-1.

Use the following procedure to insert phones with users into Cisco Unified CallManager:


Step 1 Choose Bulk Administration > Phones & Users > Insert Phones with Users.

The Insert Phones/Users window displays.

Step 2 In the File Name field, choose the CSV data file that you created for this bulk transaction.

Step 3 In the Phone Template Name field, choose the BAT phone template that you used for this transaction.

If you did not enter individual MAC addresses in the CSV data file, you must check the Create Dummy MAC Address check box. If you are adding CTI ports, the dummy MAC address option provides a unique device name for each CTI port in the form of dummy MAC addresses.

This field automatically generates dummy MAC addresses in the following format: BATXXXXXXXXXXXX
where X represents any 12-character, hexadecimal (0-9 and A-F) number.

If you do not know the MAC address of the phone that will be assigned to the user, chose this option. When the phone is plugged in, a MAC address registers for that device.

If you supplied MAC addresses or device names in the data input file, do not choose this option.

You can update the phones or devices later with the correct MAC address by manually entering this information into Cisco Unified CallManager Administration or by using Unified CM Auto-Register Phone Tool. See the"Introducing Cisco Unified CM Auto-Register Phone Tool" section on page 53-2 for more information about Unified CM Auto-Register Phone Tool.

Step 4 In the User Template Name field, choose the BAT user template that you used for this transaction

Step 5 In the Job Information area, enter the Job description.

Step 6 Click the Run Immediately radio button to insert phones with users immediately or, click Run Later to insert phones with users at a later time.

Step 7 Click Submit to create a job for deleting the user records.

Step 8 Use the Job Scheduler option in the Bulk Administration main menu to schedule and activate this job.

For more information on jobs, see the Chapter 52, "Scheduling Jobs."

For information on log files, see "BAT Log Files" section on page 57-17.

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