Cisco Unified CallManager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 5.0(2)
Validating User Device Profiles
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Validating User Device Profiles

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Validating User Device Profiles

Validating User Device Profiles

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Validating User Device Profiles

When you choose Validate User Device Profiles, the system runs a validation routine to check that the CSV data file has all required fields, such as device profile name and directory number, populated and checks for discrepancies with the first node database.

Before You Begin

You must have a user device profile template for the devices that you are adding. You can use a user device profile template with multiple lines to add user device profiles that have a single line. See the "Creating a Cisco Unified CallManager Bulk Administration (BAT) Template for User Device Profiles" section.

You must have a CSV data file that contains the unique details for the user device profiles. See these options:

"Using the BAT Spreadsheet to Create User Device Profile CSV Data Files" section.

"Validating User Device Profiles" section.

Validating User Device Profiles

To validate your CSV data file user device profile records, use the following procedure.


Step 1 Choose Bulk Administration > User Device Profiles > Validate User Device Profiles.

The User Device Profiles Validation window displays.

Step 2 Choose the Insert option that corresponds to your CSV data file:

Validate UDP Specific Details—If you are validating User Device Profile records that use a file format.

Validate UDP All Details—If you are validating user device profile records from an export file that was generated by using the All Details option.

Step 3 In the File Name field, choose the CSV data file that you created for this specific bulk transaction.

Step 4 For Validate UDP Specific Details option, in the UDP Template Name field, choose the Cisco Unified CallManager Bulk Administration (BAT) User Device Profile template that you created for this type of bulk transaction.

Step 5 To verify the chosen CSV data file with the database, click Submit.

A job is created in the Job Scheduler option in the Bulk Administration menu. Use Job Configuration window to modify the job schedule. For more information on jobs, see the Chapter 51, "Scheduling Jobs."

For information on log files, see "BAT Log Files" section on page 54-3.

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