Bulk Administration Tool User Guide, Release 4.0(1)
Using the BAT Interface
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Using the BAT Interface

Table Of Contents

Using the BAT Interface

Launching BAT

Obtaining Online Help

Using the BAT Menu Options

Halting BAT

Using the BAT Interface

BAT is accessible through Cisco CallManager Administration using Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 2 or later, or Netscape 4.5. The look and feel of BAT is similar to the Cisco CallManager Administration window.

From the BAT Application menu, you can go to the Cisco CallManager Administration window.

Launching BAT

To begin using BAT, follow this procedure.


Step 1 Choose Start > Program Files > Cisco CallManager 3.0 > CallManager Administration from the Start menu.

The Cisco CallManager Administration main window displays.

Step 2 Choose Application > BAT

The Cisco CallManager Bulk Administration Tool window displays.

Obtaining Online Help

You can access the BAT online Help system from any BAT page by choosing

Help > Contents and Index

Using the BAT Menu Options

BAT has three main menu options:

Configure (includes the following submenu options)

Phone Template




Application—returns you to the Cisco CallManager Administration window (Cisco CallManager is the submenu option).

Help (includes the following submenu options)

Contents and Index

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About Bulk Administration Tool

From the BAT window, the administrator can add, update, and delete devices, add users, and view online documentation.

Caution Use BAT only during initial installation or during off-peak hours. Otherwise, bulk transactions could affect the Cisco CallManager performance, and call processing may be adversely affected.

BAT provides statistical data on the time it takes to complete a bulk transaction.

Halting BAT

The Stop BAT feature can only be accessed from the server. This feature does not halt the BAT process immediately. It takes some time to stop the transaction.

To Stop BAT, from the Start menu, choose

Start > Programs > Cisco CallManager 3.0 > Bulk Admin Tool > Stop BAT

View the log file for details. See "Troubleshooting," for information on log files.