Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 9.1(1)
Media resource group setup
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Media resource group setup

Media resource group setup

This chapter provides information to configure media resource groups. You can group devices of the following types into a single media resource group:

  • Conference Bridge (CFB)
  • Media Termination Point (MTP)
  • Music On Hold Server (MOH)
  • Transcoder (XCODE)
  • Annunciator (ANN)

For additional information, see topics related to media resources, media resource groups, and media resource group lists in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager System Guide.

About media resource group setup

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, use the Media Resources > Media Resource Group menu path to configure media resource groups.

Media resource management comprises working with media resource groups and media resource group lists. Media resource management provides a mechanism for managing media resources, so all Cisco Unified Communications Managers within a cluster can share them. Media resources provide conferencing, transcoding, media termination, annunciator, and music on hold services.

You can associate a media resource group, a logical grouping of media servers, with a geographical location or with a site as desired. You can also form media resource groups to control the usage of servers or the type of service (unicast or multicast) that is desired.

Media resource group configuration tips

Be aware that you cannot delete a media resource, such as a conference bridge, that is part of a media resource group unless you first remove the resource from the media resource group or you delete the media resource group that contains the media resource.

Media resource group deletion

You cannot delete a media resource group that is assigned to a Media Resource Group List. To find out which media resource groups lists are using the media resource group, in the Media Resource Group Configuration window, from the Related Links drop-down list box, choose Dependency Records and click Go. If the dependency records are not enabled for the system, the dependency records summary window displays a message. If you try to delete a media resource group that is in use, Cisco Unified Communications Manager displays a message. Before deleting a media resource group that is currently in use, you must perform either or both of the following tasks:

  • Assign a different media resource group list to any media resource groups that are using the media resource group that you want to delete.
  • Delete the media resource group lists that are using the media resource group that you want to delete.

Media resource group settings

The following table describes the settings that are used for configuring media resource groups.

Table 1 Media resource group settings




Enter a unique name in this required field for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to identify the media resource group. This name can comprise up to 50 characters. Valid characters include letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, dots (periods), and underscores.


Enter a description for the media resource group. The description can include up to 50 characters in any language, but it cannot include double-quotes ("), percentage sign (%), ampersand (&), or angle brackets (<>).

Devices for this Group

This area comprises two panes that are used to define the media resources for a media resource group: Available Media Resources and Selected Media Resources.

Available Media Resources

This pane lists the media resources that can be chosen for a media resource group. The list includes the following media resource types:

  • Conference Bridges (CFB)
  • Media Termination Points (MTP)
  • Music On Hold Servers (MOH)
  • Transcoders (XCODE)
  • Annunciator (ANN)

Music on hold servers that are configured for multicast get labeled as (MOH)[Multicast].

To add a media resource for this media resource group, choose one from the list and click the down arrow. After a media resource is added, its name moves to the Selected Media Resources pane.

Selected Media Resources

This pane lists the media resources that were chosen for a media resource group. For any media resource group, you must choose at least one media resource.

To delete (unselect) a media resource, choose its name in the list and click the up arrow.

Use Multicast for MOH Audio (If at least one multicast MOH resource is available)

To use multicast for Music On Hold Audio, check this check box. To do so, make sure that at least one of the selected media resources is a multicast MOH server.


The system administrator configures or creates multicast audio sources.

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