Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 9.1(1)
Enterprise phone setup
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Enterprise phone setup

Enterprise phone setup

This chapter provides information to configure the Enterprise Phone parameters. In the Enterprise Phone Configuration window, you can configure parameters that apply to all phones that support these parameters.

Set up enterprise phone parameters

To configure parameters in the Enterprise Phone Configuration window, use the following procedure.

    Step 1   Choose System > Enterprise Phone Configuration.
    Step 2   Update the parameter settings as desired.

    Select the "Override Common Settings" check box for each setting that you wish to update. If you do not check this box, the corresponding parameter setting does not take effect.

    To view the descriptions of all the enterprise phone parameters, click the ? button.

    Step 3   To save the changes in the database, click Save.

    Parameters that you set in this window may also appear in the Common Phone Profile Configuration window and in the Phone Configuration window for various devices. If you set these same parameters in these other windows too, the following order determines the setting that takes precedence: 1) Phone Configuration window settings, 2) Common Phone Profile window settings, 3) Enterprise Phone Configuration window settings.