Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 9.1(1)
Recording Profile setup
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Recording Profile setup

Recording Profile setup

This chapter provides information to configure recording profiles.

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About Recording Profile setup

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, use the Device > Phone > Recording Profile menu path to configure recording profiles.

To provision line appearances of agents for call recording, you create one or more call recording profiles. You then select a recording profile for a line appearance.

Recording profile deletion

You cannot delete a recording profile that a line appearance uses. To find out which line appearances are using the recording profile, choose Dependency Records from the Related Links drop-down list box that is on the Recording Profile Configuration window. If the dependency records are not enabled for the system, the dependency records summary window displays a message. If you try to delete a recording profile that is in use, Cisco Unified Communications Manager displays a message. Before deleting a recording profile that is currently in use, you must perform either or both of the following tasks:

  • Assign a different recording profile to any line appearances that are using the recording profile that you want to delete.
  • Delete the line appearances that are using the recording profile that you want to delete.

Recording profile settings

The following table describes the recording profile settings.

Table 1 Recording profile settings




Enter a name to identify the recording profile.

Recording Calling Search Space

From the drop-down list box, choose the calling search space that contains the partition of the route pattern that is associated with the SIP trunk that is configured for the recorder.

Recording Destination Address

Enter the directory number (DN) or the URL of the recorder that associates with this recording profile.

This field allows any characters except the following characters: double quotation marks ("), back quote ('), and space ( ).

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