Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 9.1(1)
MLPP Domain setup
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MLPP Domain setup

MLPP Domain setup

This chapter provides information to add, update, or delete MLPP domains.

For additional information, see topics related to multilevel precedence and preemption in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Features and Services Guide.

About MLPP Domain Setup

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, use the System > MLPP > Domain > MLPP Domain menu path to configure MLPP domains.

An MLPP domain specifies the collection of devices and resources that are associated with an MLPP subscriber. When an MLPP subscriber that belongs to a particular domain places a precedence call to another MLPP subscriber that belongs to the same domain, MLPP service can preempt the existing call that the called MLPP subscriber is on for a higher precedence call. MLPP service availability does not go across different domains.

MLPP domain configuration tips

You can add secure MLPP over SIP trunks by configuring a Resource Priority Namespace Network Domain and Resource Priority Namespace List.

MLPP domain deletion

You cannot delete an MLPP Domain that any device is using. To find out which devices are using the MLPP domain, from the MLPP Domain Configuration window, choose Dependency Records from the Related Links drop-down list box and click Go. If the dependency records are not enabled for the system, the dependency records summary window displays a message. For more information about dependency records, see the Access dependency records. If you try to delete an MLPP Domain that is in use, Cisco Unified Communications Manager displays an error message. Before deleting an MLPP Domain that is currently in use, you must perform either or both of the following tasks:

  • Assign a different MLPP domain to any devices that are using the MLPP domain that you want to delete.
  • Delete the devices that are using the MLPP domain that you want to delete.

MLPP domain settings

The following table describes the MLPP domain settings.

Table 1 MLPP domain settings



MLPP Domain Information

Domain Name

Enter the name that you want to assign to the new MLPP domain. The name can comprise up to 50 alphanumeric characters and can contain any combination of spaces, periods (.), hyphens (-), and underscore characters (_). Ensure that each MLPP domain name is unique.


The name of the default MLPP domain specifies 000000. The Default domain cannot be changed nor deleted.

Domain ID

Enter a unique six-character hexadecimal MLPP domain ID. Valid values are numeric characters 0 through 9 and alphabetic characters A through F. Ensure that each MLPP domain ID is unique.

Domain IDs must fall in the range between 000001 and FFFFFF. (000000 is reserved for the default MLPP domain ID.)


Use leading zeroes for values lower than 100000.

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