Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 9.0(1)
Plug-in setup
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Plug-in setup

Plug-in setup

This chapter provides information to install and update Application plug-ins for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

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Update plugin URL settings

Application plug-ins extend the functionality of Cisco Unified Communications Manager. For example, the JTAPI plug-in allows a computer to host applications that access the Cisco Unified Communications Manager via the Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI).

The following table describes the Update Plugin URL configuration settings.

Table 1 Update Plugin URL configuration settings



Plugin Settings

Plugin Name

The plug-in name automatically displays.


The existing URL automatically displays.

Custom URL

Use only alphanumeric characters for the custom URL.

Show Plugin on User Option Pages

Check this check box to show the plug-in on the user option window.

Install plug-ins

Perform the following procedure to install any plug-in.


After Cisco Unified Communications Manager upgrades, you must reinstall all plug-ins except the Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting plug-in.


Before you install any plug-ins, disable all intrusion detection or antivirus services that run on the server where you plan to install the plug-in.

    Step 1   Choose Application > Plugins.

    The Find and List Plugins window displays. Records from an active (prior) query may also display in the window.

    Step 2   To find all records in the database, ensure the dialog box is empty.

    To filter or search records

    1. From the first drop-down list box, select a search parameter.
    2. From the second drop-down list box, select a search pattern.
    3. From the third drop-down list box, select Application Menu, Installation, User Menu, or Telecaster Menu.
    4. Specify the appropriate search text, if applicable.

      To add additional search criteria, click the + button. When you add criteria, the system searches for a record that matches all criteria that you specify. To remove criteria, click the – button to remove the last added criterion or click the Clear Filter button to remove all added search criteria.

    Step 3   Click Find.

    All matching records display. You can change the number of items that display on each page by choosing a different value from the Rows per Page drop-down list box.


    To reverse the sort order, click the up or down arrow, if available, in the list header.

    Step 4   Click Download for the plug-in you want to install.

    Update plugin URL

    During the Cisco Unified Communications Manager install process, records that are added to the Plugins table specify the URLs that the Administration applications use to build the Application drop-down menu. The domain name server (DNS) provides the basis for the URL that is constructed at installation time. If the DNS changes, the URL does not get updated.

    Perform the following procedure to update the URL of the Plugin URL.

      Step 1   Choose Application > Plugins.

      The Find and List Plugins window displays. Display the list of available plug-ins.

      Step 2   Click the Plugin name that you want to update.

      The Update Plugin URL window displays.

      Step 3   Enter the update plugin URL configuration settings.
      Step 4   Click the Save icon that displays in the tool bar in the upper, left corner of the window (or click the Save button that displays at the bottom of the window) to update and save the URL.

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