Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 9.0(1)
Enterprise parameter setup
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Enterprise parameter setup

Enterprise parameter setup

This chapter provides information to update existing enterprise parameters or synchronize enterprise-parameter configuration changes with affected devices.

About enterprise parameter setup

Enterprise parameters provide default settings that apply to all devices and services in the same cluster. (A cluster comprises a set of Cisco Unified Communications Managers that share the same database.) When you install a new Cisco Unified Communications Manager, it uses the enterprise parameters to set the initial values of its device defaults. For more information on device defaults, see topics related to system-level configuration settings in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager System Guide.


Many of the enterprise parameters rarely require change. Do not change an enterprise parameter unless you fully understand the feature that you are changing or unless the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) specifies the change.


To view the descriptions of all enterprise parameters, click the ? button in the Enterprise Parameters Configuration window.


Clicking the Set to Default button updates all parameters to the suggested value, which is the default that displays on the right side of the parameter. If a parameter does not have a suggested value, Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not update the value when you click the Set to Default button; for example, the Phone URL Parameters in the Enterprise Parameters Configuration window do not display a suggested value, so clicking the Set to Default button does not change the value that you configured.

Related Information

Update enterprise parameters

    Step 1   Choose System > Enterprise Parameters.
    Step 2   Update the appropriate parameter settings.

    To view the description of a particular enterprise parameter, click the parameter name. To view the descriptions of all the enterprise parameters, click the ? button.

    Step 3   To save the changes in the database, click Save.

    Synchronize enterprise parameters with devices

    To synchronize devices with Enterprise Parameters that have undergone configuration changes, perform the following procedure, which applies any outstanding configuration settings in the least-intrusive manner possible. (For example, a reset/restart may not be required on some affected devices.)

      Step 1   Choose System > Enterprise Parameters.

      The Enterprise Parameters Configuration window displays.

      Step 2   Make any necessary configuration changes.
      Step 3   Click Save.
      Step 4   Click Apply Config.

      The Apply Configuration Information dialog displays.

      Step 5   Click OK.