Cisco CallManager Administration Guide, Release 3.0(1)
Control Center
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Control Center

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Control Center

Starting and Stopping Services Using Control Center

Control Center

Control Center for the Cisco CallManager Release 3.0 is the web page used for starting and stopping the Cisco CallManager and other services.

Starting and stopping a Cisco CallManager resets all Cisco IP phones and gateways currently homed to that Cisco CallManager. It also causes all other installed applications that are homed to that Cisco CallManager, such as Conference Bridge and Cisco Messaging Interface, to start or stop as well.

Note When a phone or gateway is restarted, all calls in progress are disconnected.

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Starting and Stopping Services Using Control Center

Starting and Stopping Services Using Control Center

This section describes how to start and stop services using Control Center.

Before You Begin

The following prerequisites must be met before proceeding with the steps. Refer to the "Server" section.

Servers must be configured


Note In order for this procedure to work on all servers in a network, you must be logged in with Administration privileges. The User ID and password you use to log in must be identical on all servers.

Step 1 Open Cisco CallManager Administration.

Step 2 Click Service > Control Center.

Step 3 Select a server on which you want to start or stop services from the server list on the left side of the page. The page refreshes.

All services that are configured on this server are listed in the Service Name column.

Step 4 In the Service Control column, click the Start or Stop button next to the service you want to start or stop.

Step 5 Repeat Steps 1through 4 to start or stop services on other servers.

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Control Center