Cisco UC Integration with IBM Sametime Integration Guide 9.5(2)
Integration Site Setup Instructions
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Integration Site Setup Instructions

Set Up Local Directory

    Step 1   Create a local working directory to hold the integration files that users will install on their workstations.
    Step 2   Navigate to the Cisco Unified Communications with IBM Sametime download page:


    Then, sign in as a registered user.

    Step 3   Download the zip file that contains the integration files.
    Step 4   Extract the files from the zip file to the directory that you created in Step 1.

    You can also order Cisco UC Integration for IBM Sametime from Cisco on CD.

    What to Do Next

    Go to “Configure Phone Control and Presence with the Configuration Tool.”

    File Uploads

    Use the following procedures to upload files to the update site. The files and folders that you copy to the update site differ, depending on whether you are setting up a new site or modifying an existing one.

    • Upload files to new site
    • Upload files to existing site

    Upload Files to New Site

    Copy the entire UpdateSite directory from your local working CUCIIBM_RELEASE_9.0.X directory (where X represents the current release number) to the web server that will host the update site.

    Upload Files to Existing Site

      Step 1   Replace the site.xml file on the update site with a copy of the site.xm file from your local working CUCIIBM_RELEASE_9.0.X/UpdateSite directory (where X represents the current release number).
      Step 2   Copy all files in your local working CUCIIBM_RELEASE_9.0.X/UpdateSite/features directory to the features directory of the update site.
      Step 3   Copy all files in your local working CUCIIBM_RELEASE_9.0.X/UpdateSite/plugins directory to the plugins directory of the update site.