Release Notes for Cisco UC Integration for IBM Sametime 9.1(1)
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Bug toolkit

Known problems (bugs) are graded according to severity level. These release notes contain descriptions of the following:

  • All severity level 1 or 2 bugs
  • Significant severity level 3 bugs
  • All customer-found bugs except severity level 6 enhancement requests

You can search for problems by using the Cisco Software Bug Toolkit.

Before You Begin

To access Bug Toolkit, you need the following items:

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
  • user ID and password
    Step 1   To access the Bug Toolkit, go to https:/​/​​bugsearch/​search.
    Step 2   Sign in with your user ID and password.
    Step 3   To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for field, then press Enter.

    What to Do Next

    For information about how to use the Bug Toolkit, select Help on the Bug Toolkit screen.

    Open Caveats

    This section contains the caveats open against the current version of the software.

    Identifier Severity Component Description
    CSCuc26039 3 conference Start Conference is not present in menu options in Lotus Notes (DE22632)
    CSCuc28103 3 conference Multiple calls to same number disallowed without notification (DE22446)
    CSCud33336 3 callcontrol Sometime in deskphone mode, on applying call fw, main hub icon (DE28384)
    CSCud33348 3 callcontrol After restart ST, Detailed logging doesn't show detailed logs (DE28385)
    CSCud33479 3 callcontrol Server health is showing LDAP error after Notes crash(DE27961)
    CSCud34115 3 callcontrol Multiple hang issues in sametime (DE28455)
    CSCud34175 3 callcontrol In DP mode, on changing phone credentials to incorrect, ST crash (DE28421)
    CSCud34182 3 callcontrol Join to Conference is enabled even though only 1 P2P (DE28423)
    CSCud34255 3 voicemail Voicemail text is not localized on clicking call voicemail button (DE28244)
    CSCud34140 3 conference Sametime hangs in deskphone video conference (DE28024)
    CSCud33326 3 callcontrol Error message gets displayed through call fw-gets set (DE28382)
    CSCud34120 3 callcontrol Sometimes, Call forwarding icon remains enabled by clicking none (DE27490)
    CSCud32830 3 configuration CUCI-IBM plugin uninstallation is not clean (DE28240)
    CSCud34200 3 conference Video stop working in hold/resume conference with logitech cam (DE28300)
    CSCuc28701 3 callcontrol Directory Lookup Rules not used with older servers (DE25055)
    CSCud33973 3 configuration Truncated text in Preferences on many languages (DE28258)
    CSCud33480 3 conference Issue in Conf window Full Screen (DE27965)
    CSCud33363 3 conference ST hangs in Conference in Desk Phone Video Mode (DE27799)
    CSCud33922 3 configuration Checking detail log ONLY in PCAP or voicemail doesn't work (DE28237)
    CSCuc28277 3 callcontrol Sametime crashes after long usage due to SWT handle exception
    CSCuc27803 3 voicemail Occasionally unable to play voicemail, confusing error message
    CSCuc28111 3 callcontrol Designation is not displayed in incoming call alert
    CSCuc25865 3 presence Presence not working (for one user), IBM library throwing error
    CSCuc26104 3 callcontrol Cisco Unified Communications Manager failover disconnects active call

    Resolved Caveats

    Phone Status Icons

    The first time an off-hook phone status notification for a user is received by Cisco UC Integration with IBM Sametime, it remembers that user. Phone presence is only displayed for these remembered users. Hence, phone status is only displayed for users who are known to publish phone status. This eliminates the situation where phone status is shown for users that are not registered Cisco Unified Presence users. This fix comes with the small cost of needing some time to learn which users are registered Cisco Unified Presence users.

    This behavior resolves the following limitation from the 9.0(1a) Release Notes:

    CSCuc46517 - Phones status shows no-hook for non-CUP users:

    Phone status icons should only be displayed for registered Cisco Unified Presence users. The current version of the software displays a phone status icon for all contacts, regardless of whether they are or are not registered cisco Unified Presence users. Phone status icons will still indicate the correct phone status for registered Cisco Unified Presence users but will only show an icon indicating availability to be called for non-Cisco Unified Presence users. This leads to a situation where users who are not registered Cisco Unified Presence users appear to be available for a call when they may not actually be available

    Other Resolved Caveats

    This section contains the caveats resolved since the previous version of the software.

    Identifier Severity Component Description
    CSCud68744 3 presence Presence does not work if Phone status username contains a space
    CSCud34149 2 callcontrol Sametime crashes when switching between Computer and Phone mode (DE27958)
    CSCub74925 3 callcontrol Soft phone toast message does not disappear after answering desk phone
    CSCud00310 2 configuration Configuration utility fails to save, shows an exception in the console
    CSCuc99013 3 configuration Wrong version used in final packaging
    CSCuc59533 2 callcontrol Sametime plugin crashes when Medianet service is running on the same PC
    CSCub74935 3 callcontrol Transfer button not disabled during conference
    CSCuc23760 3 callcontrol Two call history entries on applying and removing call forwarding
    CSCuc25229 3 callcontrol Call forwarding to an invalid number does not inform user
    CSCuc25316 3 callcontrol On Pop-in, integrated conversation video should move to the top
    CSCuc25621 3 callcontrol When using my phone for calls, relogin causes call timer to reset to 0
    CSCuc26069 3 conference Drop participant from conference is enabled even when not available
    CSCuc26128 3 voicemail "Call Voicemail" button enabled even when Voicemail is not configured
    CSCuc28018 3 voicemail Some voice messages do not have sender details
    CSCuc28057 3 voicemail In Voicemail context menu, one phone number is getting displayed twice
    CSCuc28061 3 callcontrol The strings Work/Home/Mobile are not localised
    CSCuc28089 3 conference Drag/drop participant during join to conference crashes Sametime
    CSCuc28142 3 callcontrol Sometimes in call history, phone number does not get resolved correctly
    CSCuc28258 3 callcontrol Lotus Notes may hang on start-up in a rare race condition
    CSCuc28278 3 voicemail If there is no VoiceMail configured on CUCM for userA, the this user...
    CSCuc28305 3 configuration Server Health window shows incomplete server information
    CSCuc28370 3 callcontrol In groupchat window, on calling 1st contact, call window is integrated
    CSCuc46517 3 presence Phone status shows no-hook for non-CUP users

    Closed Caveats

    This section contains the caveats that have been closed since the previous version.

    Identifier Severity Component Description
    CSCuc27692 3 configuration Configuration Tool is missing the remove domain option
    CSCuc26014 3 conference Sometimes drag and drop doesn't work in conference window (DE21428)
    CSCuc26027 3 conference Calling from the conference window the participant list flickers (DE22579)
    CSCuc27636 3 callcontrol Video display issue after resizing integrated conversation window (DE21531)
    CSCuc28147 3 conference Black conference window when self video not sent by remote party (DE23348)
    CSCuc28252 3 configuration Keyboard Shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + C) for placing a new call is not working in notes.