Cisco UC Integration for IBM Sametime Integration Guide
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Create Problem Report

If unexpected or unresolvable issues occur, users can generate reports with detailed configuration and logging information. These reports can assist Cisco TAC in troubleshooting.


Enable detailed logging should not be checked in the Configuration Utility for a production deployment. Detailed logging should be enabled only on a client as necessary, so that a user can generate the logs to capture the issue and then turn logging off when log collection is complete.

Instruct the user to restart IBM Sametime or IBM Lotus Notes after they enable detailed logging, because critical information, such as the configuration settings, is in the log files at startup.

When you troubleshoot issues with the plug-in, inspect the following log files for errors and warnings:

  • IBM Sametime—trace-log-0.xml and error-log-0.xml
  • IBM Lotus Notes—trace-log-0.xml and error-log-0.xml

To view the log location, choose File > Preferences and then Cisco > General.

To obtain a report:

    Step 1   Enable detailed logging.
    Step 2   Reproduce the issue.
    Step 3   To create a problem report, choose Create Problem Report from the Help menu.

    Enable Logging in the Configuration Utility

    If you report an issue to Cisco Support, you should enable logging to provide valuable data to support engineers as they diagnose the issue. You can enable logging for all users with the Configuration Utility. The detailed logging feature allows you to capture logs separately for voicemail or for Phone Control and Presence:

    • For voicemail logging, click the Voicemail tab and then check the Enable Detailed Logging check box.
    • For Phone Control and Presence logging, click the Phone Control and Presence tab and then check the Enable Detailed Logging check box.


    Remember that the log files will continue to accumulate after you enable logging. Be certain to uncheck the Enable Detailed Logging check box when you no longer require logs.

    Disable Extra IBM Call Option in Live Text Window

    The Live Text feature allows you to open a call menu when you click on a live text object (the user can right-click to open a window or left-click on a drop-down arrow beside the live text to open a menu. Depending on the IBM Sametime setup for your organization, the window or menu can display an extra Call option.

    To disable the extra Call option, follow this procedure:

      Step 1   Contact IBM and obtain the hot fix binary MEWE-8UEB9U. Then install the hot fix.

      Step 2   Configure the following managed settings to create a boolean flag. The flag, when set to true, forcefully disables LiveText call actions:
      • Setting: disableLiveTextCallAction
      • Setting group name:
      • Setting type: Boolean

      If an extra phone icon appears on the Sametime button bar, disable TCSCPI or SUT.

      IBM Sametime version to 8.5.2 or later is required to fix the extra phone icon issue.

      See IBM documentation for more information.

      Troubleshoot Phone Presence Issues

      Prevent issues related to phone presence with one of the following methods:

      • Create a file called managed-settings.xml in the root directory of your update site, which is the same directory that contains your site.xml file. If you are not using auto-push to deploy the integration, you only require the managed-settings.xml file in the root directory. The following is an example of the managed-settings.xml file that is configured to enable phone status:
        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
               <settingGroup name="">
                     <setting name="enableSUT" value="false"/>
                     <setting name="enableTelephonyStatus" value="false"/>
                     <setting name="enableExtendedStatus" value="true"/> 


        You must set the enableExtendedStatus value to true to enable Phone Control and Presence to show phone status .

      • Ensure that the Lotus Notes file, C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework\rcp\plugin_customization.ini, includes the following lines:
      • Check that your IM and Presence Service credentials are correct. Also, check for the following error in the details logs (for example, trace-log-0, trace-log-1, trace-log-2):
        In PhoneStatusManager: Entering OnLoginError...
        This error could include one of the following components:
        Error Component Meaning
        ERR_CUP_UNREACHABLE The IM and Presence Service is unreachable.
        ERR_CUP_AUTH The IM and Presence Service credentials are incorrect.
        ERR_JABBER_UNREACHABLE The IM and Presence Service is reachable, but it cannot connect to Jabber services that are running on the CUP server.
      • Assign the domain (the same one as was provided on the CUP server) value for the parameter Domain Name in the Cisco UC Integration for IBM Sametime Administration Utility.
      • Assign a unique value for the IM and Presence Service user ID for whatever LDAP attribute you use.