User Guide for Accessing Cisco Unity Connection Voice Messages in an Email Application (Release 9.x)
About ViewMail for Outlook (Version 8.0 Only)
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About ViewMail for Outlook (Version 8.0 Only)

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About ViewMail for Outlook (Version 8.0 Only)

About ViewMail for Outlook (Version 8.0 Only)

Note This content applies to ViewMail for Outlook version 8.0 only. For later ViewMail versions, see the Quick Start Guide for Cisco ViewMail for Microsoft Outlook (Release 8.5 and Later) at

Cisco Unity Connection ViewMail for Microsoft Outlook lets you send, listen to, and manage voice messages from Outlook. In the ViewMail for Outlook form, you use the controls on the Media Master to play and record voice messages.

You can use ViewMail for Outlook to send voice messages to other users, non-Connection users, and public distribution lists.

You cannot use ViewMail from the preview pane in Outlook. You must open the message to use ViewMail for Outlook.

You can change ViewMail for Outlook settings to:

Choose the sound that notifies you of new voice messages.

Set a preference for saving sent voice messages in your Outlook folders.

Set automatic playback so that your voice messages begin playing as soon as you open them.

To Access ViewMail for Outlook Help

Step 1 In Outlook, from the Help menu, click ViewMail Help Topics.

Step 2 Click a topic link in the left pane.