Cisco Emergency Responder Troubleshooting Guide 8.0
Starting and Stopping a Cisco Emergency Responder Server
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Starting and Stopping a Cisco Emergency Responder Server

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Starting and Stopping a Cisco Emergency Responder Server

Starting and Stopping a Cisco Emergency Responder Server

When you install Cisco ER, the Cisco ER server is set up to automatically start whenever the computer is powered up or rebooted. However, you can stop and then restart a Cisco ER server through the Cisco ER Serviceability web interface without powering down or rebooting the computer. You might find this helpful if you are trying to debug a problem.

To start or stop a Cisco ER server, follow these steps:


Step 1 Log in to the Cisco ER Serviceability web interface and select Tools > Control Center.

The Control Center Services page displays, showing all Cisco ER services and the current status of each one.

Step 2 Click the radio button to the left of the service name, then click Start, Stop, or Restart to perform the desired action on the service. Click Refresh to refresh the screen with updated information.

Note The buttons only appear if the action is possible; for example, Start only appears if the service is currently stopped.

Note The Cisco Tomcat and Cisco IDS services cannot be started or stopped from the Control Center. These services can only be started or stopped using the utils service command. For additional information, see the utils service.

Table 10-1 explains the meaning of the icons you see on the Control Center Services page.

Table 10-1 Cisco Emergency Responder Control Center Icons


The Cisco ER server or the CER Phone Tracking Engine is started and functioning normally.

The Cisco ER server CER Phone Tracking Engine was stopped by the administrator.

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