Cisco ATA 186 and Cisco ATA 188 Analog Telephone Adaptor Administrator's Guide (SCCP) (, Rev B0)
Performing a Cross-Protocol Upgrade
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Performing a Cross-Protocol Upgrade

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Performing a Cross-Protocol Upgrade

Performing a Cross-Protocol Upgrade

This section describes how to perform an upgrade from the SCCP signaling image to either the MGCP, SIP or H.323 signaling images.

You can configure the Cisco ATA to automatically download a new signaling image that the Cisco CallManager administrator has stored on the TFTP server. You do this by configuring the parameter upgradecode in your Cisco ATA configuration file. For more information about setting up the configuration file, see the "Creating a Configuration File for a Specific Cisco ATA" section.

Syntax of upgradecode Parameter



The hexadecimal values that precede the tftp_server_ip variable must always be the values shown in the syntax.

tftp_server_ip is the TFTP server that contains the latest signaling image file.

image_id is a unique 32-bit integer that differs with each upgrade. You can determine this 32-bit integer value by using the build date on the image file name and prepending it with "0x". For example, if the image_file_name is ata186-v2-14-020514a.kxz, then the build date is 020508a, and the image_id is 0x020508a).

image_file_name is the signaling upgrade-image file name. The image_file_name format is:


- M is the major version number

- N is the minor version number (always two digits)

- yymmdd is a two-digit year, two-digit month, and two-digit day

- a-f is the build letter (- yymmdd and a-f together form the build date of the image)

- ext must be ".kxz" for upgrading from version 2.11 and below, and can be ".zup" for upgrading from version 2.12 and up for the Cisco ATA186, but it must be ".zup" for upgrading the Cisco ATA188.


Whenever the Cisco CallManager administrator stores a new signaling image (denoted by a change to the image_id) on the TFTP server, the Cisco ATA updates its firmware with the new image_file_name. To contact the TFTP server, the Cisco ATA uses the TFTP server IP address that is contained within the value of the upgradecode parameter.


The upgradecode parameter value could be:


This instructs the Cisco ATA to update its firmware to ata186-v2-15-020723a.zup by downloading the ata186-v2-15-020723a.zup file from the TFTP server IP address of This download occurs after the Cisco ATA downloads its configuration file that contains the directive from the upgradecode parameter. Also, the upgrade occurs only if the internally cached image_id in Cisco ATA is different from the value 0x020723a.