Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch

ETSI version 2 ISUP Feature

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ETSI v.2 ISUP Feature

Table Of Contents

ETSI v.2 ISUP Feature


ISUP Messages

ISUP Parameters

New Tokens

ETSI v.2 ISUP Feature

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) v2 ISUP feature provides support for the ETSI v2 ISUP variant, based on the ETS 300 356 specification, on the BTS 10200.


The following requirements are supported:

Basic Call Requirements

Speech/3.1KHz Audio

En Bloc Address Signaling

Transit Network Selection

Continuity Check

Compatibility Procedure—A method will be implemented to determine the type of exchange (A/B) based on the call destination.

Confusion Procedure

Simple Segmentation

Tones and Announcements

Simple Echo Control Signaling Procedure

Automatic Repeat Attempt

Block/Unblock of circuits/groups

Circuit Group Query

Dual Seizure

Transmission Alarm Handling for Inter-Exchange circuits

Reset of circuits/groups

Receipt of unreasonable signaling information

Access Delivery Information

Transportation of User Teleservice Information

Suspend and Resume

ISUP Signaling Congestion Control

Automatic Congestion Control

Unequipped Circuit ID Code

MTP Pause and Resume

Hop Counter Procedure

Generic Signaling Procedure for Supplementary Services

End-to-End signaling: Pass Along Method

Generic Number Transfer

Generic Digit Transfer

Generic Notification Procedure

Service Activation Procedure—Transited only

Remote Operations Services (ROSE) capability—Transited only

Supplementary Services Requirements

Direct Dialing in (DDI)

Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

Terminal Portability (TP)


Call Deflection

Call Waiting (CW)

Call Hold (HOLD)

Three-party Service (3PTY)

ISUP Messages

The following ISUP messages will be added or modified:

Facility (FAC)—Modified

Loop Prevention (LPM)—New

Unknown messages—New

ISUP Parameters

The following ISUP parameters will be added or modified:

CCBS Parameter—New; Transit only

Freephone Indicators—Modified; Transit only

MLPP Precedence—Modified; Transit only

Service Activation—Modified; Internal use and transit

Parameter Compatibility Instructions—New; Internal use and transit

Unknown Parameter—New; Internal use and transit

New Tokens

The SS7_Q761_TG_PROFILE table will be modified to add a new optional token, EXCHANGE_TYPE.


Signaling origination and destination local exchange type; A=an end to end exchange and B=an exchange that acts as a transit node. CHAR(1). 1=A, 2=B; 0=NULL (default). If the value of EXCHANGE_TYPE is not specified or specified to be NULL, the value defined in CA-CONFIG will be used.