Cisco Digital Media Manager

Read Me First for Cisco Digital Media Manager 4.1

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Digital Media System Software

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Digital Media System Software

Digital Media System Software

Read Me First
for Cisco Digital Media Manager 4.1

Cisco Digital Media Manager (DMM) software is preinstalled on your Cisco Media Convergence Server appliance hardware, including software modules for feature license management, desktop video, digital signage, and live events, but you must unlock the software to activate it. If you require backup media for your DMM software, contact your Cisco account representative.

Unlocking and Activating Software Features

Step 1. Set up your DMM appliance and configure its replication settings.
For step-by-step instructions, see Quick Start Guide for Cisco Digital Media System 4.1 Appliances on

Step 2. To view the IP address and serial number of your DMM appliance:
Log in to AAI with the admin username.
  b.  In the first displayed menu, press Enter to open the SHOW_INFO submenu.

Step 3. Write down the IP address and the 10-character serial number that starts with the characters "USE."

Step 4. To obtain a valid software license key:
Compose an email message that includes or identifies all of the following:
  ·    The Cisco sales order number for your DMM purchase.
  ·    The 10-character DMM server appliance serial number that starts with the characters "USE."
  ·    Your email address.
  ·    The name of your organization.
  ·    The department name within your organization.
  ·    The DMM module (or modules) that you will use.
  ·    If you purchased the Video Portal module , include the Cisco sales order number for that purchase.
  ·    If you purchased the Digital Signage module, include the Cisco sales order number of your applicable
        Digital Media Player license packs for DMM. (Permitted increments for the number of DMP devices
        are multiples of 10.)
Send the finished message to

Step 5. Save a local copy of the license key that you receive from Cisco.

Step 6. Load DMM in your browser, using the IP address that you saw in AAI (http://<IP_ADDRESS>:8080/).

Step 7. Select Administrator Module from the untitled list at the top far-right of any page.

Step 8. Click Install/Upgrade License, find and select the license file where you saved it, click Open, then click Install License.