Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card Drivers for Linux Installation Guide
Uninstalling Cisco UCS VIC Drivers
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Uninstalling Cisco UCS VIC Drivers

Uninstalling Cisco UCS VIC Drivers

This chapter contains the following sections:

Uninstalling Linux Drivers

If the management connection is over the eNIC, we recommend that you use the serial or KVM console to complete the driver installation. Completing an rmmod of the current driver results results in a loss of eNIC network connectivity.

If you are booting from SAN storage, you cannot remove the existing fNIC driver using the rmmod fNIC command because this driver is required to use the SAN LUNs. Instead, enter the rpm --erase old-kmod-fnic-rpm-name command to erase the old RPM.

    Step 1   Remove existing drivers by entering one of the following commands:
    Driver Command
    eNIC driver for RHEL rpm -e kmod-enic
    eNIC driver for SuSE rpm -e cisco-enic-kmp-default
    fNIC driver for RHEL /sbin/rmmod fnic
    fNIC driver for SuSE rpm -e cisco-fnic-kmp-default
    Step 2   Reboot the host.

    If it is not possible to reboot the host, manually unload the running driver and reload the previously installed driver by entering the following commands:

    rmmod enic

    modprobe enic

    Step 3   Verify that the driver is deleted from the host.

    sbin/lsmod | grep {enic | fnic}