Sample Configuration: Cisco UCS, LDAP and Active Directory
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This chapter includes the following sections:

LDAP and Multiple Authentication Server Configuration Using Active Directory

Cisco UCS can be configured to authenticate user logins remotely using LDAP and various remote authentication providers, such as Active Directory (AD).

This sample configuration is intended to show you the complete process—from start to finish—of implementing Cisco UCS LDAP and multiple server authentication using an AD server. It also includes steps for testing your implementation in the Cisco UCS Manager GUI and Cisco UCS Manager CLI.

Specifically, this configuration includes the following tasks in the AD server:

The following tasks are completed in Cisco UCS Manager:


To complete this sample configuration, you must have the following:

  • Cisco UCS system

  • Cisco UCS Manager Release 2.x

  • Microsoft Active Directory server 2003 or later

  • Administrative privileges for the Active Directory server

  • ADSI Edit