Cisco UCS Integration Pack User Guide, Release 1.0 for Microsoft System Center 2012 and 2012 SP1 Orchestrator
Configuring the Integration Pack
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Configuring the Integration Pack

Table Of Contents

Configuring the Integration Pack

Configuring a PSModule Path

Configuring Activity Properties

Configuring the Integration Pack

This chapter includes the following sections:

Configuring a PSModule Path

Configuring Activity Properties

Configuring a PSModule Path

You can configure a PSModule path to establish a link between the Microsoft System Centre 2012 Orchestrator and the Cisco UCS PowerTool module.

Step 1 Launch the SCO 2012 Runbook Designer.

Step 2 Choose Options > Cisco UCS.

Step 3 In the Prerequisite Configuration window click Add.

Step 4 In the Add Configuration window, use the Name field to enter a name for the configuration. Click the Ellipsis (...) button to specify a configuration type.

Step 5 In the Item Selection window, select PSModulePath and click OK.

Step 6 In the Properties field of the Edit Configuration window, specify the path for the Cisco UCS PowerTool module and click OK.

For example, you can enter a path such as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Cisco UCS PowerTool\Modules\CiscoUcsPS\CiscoUcsPS.psd1).

You can leave the PSModulePath Properties field blank to use the default installation location.

Step 7 In the Prerequisite Configuration window, click Finish.

Configuring Activity Properties

Each Cisco UCS activity has a set of required or optional configuration properties. The properties define the behavior of an activity. For example, the properties may include how to connect to other activities or how the activity performs its actions.

Step 1 1In the Runbook Designer window, double-click the activity.

Step 2 In the Backup-UCS Properties window, click the Ellipsis (...) button.

Step 3 In the Item Selection window, choose the configuration and click OK.

Step 4 In the Properties tab, right-click the Input field and choose Subscribe > Published Data.

Step 5 From the Activity drop-down menu in the Published Data window, choose the activity whose output data you wish to subscribe to and click OK.

For example, select UcsScriptOutput.

Step 6 In the Backup-UCS Properties window, specify the other properties.

Step 7 Click Optional Properties to include any optional properties you wish to use.

Step 8 In the Add/ Remove Property window, do the following:

a. In the Available column, choose the properties you want to add.

b. Click the >> button to move the chosen properties to the Selected column.

c. Click OK.

Step 9 Click Finish to complete the activity configuration.