MIB Reference for Cisco UCS Manager
Accessing Cisco UCS MIB Files
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Accessing Cisco UCS MIB Files

Accessing Cisco UCS MIB Files

This chapter includes the following sections:

Download Cisco UCS MIB Files

You can download Cisco UCS MIB files in either of the following ways:

  • Using the file save feature in your browser from the list on cisco.com.
  • Using passive FTP to access the MIB files on ftp://ftp.cisco.com.

Downloading Cisco UCS MIB Files from Cisco.com

    Step 1   Open a browser and go to the following URL:


    The SNMP support page provides a list of supported MIBs for each UCS release.

    Step 2   From the Unified Computing drop-down list, choose UCS Manager.

    This displays the UCS Networking (NX-OS) MIBs for Cisco UCS Manager for software Release 1.0 and later, and the Cisco UCS Manager MIBs supported by software Release 1.4 and later.

    Step 3   Select and save each MIB that you want to download from the list.

    Enabling Passive FTP in Internet Explorer

    If you are using Internet Explorer, you might need to enable passive FTP.

      Step 1   Open Internet Explorer.
      Step 2   Choose Tools > Internet Options.
      Step 3   Click the Advanced tab.
      Step 4   Scroll down and check the Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility) check box.
      Step 5   Click OK to save changes.

      Downloading MIB Files with Passive FTP


      This procedure assumes that your passive FTP utility has UNIX-like commands.

      Before You Begin

      Before you download the MIB files, ensure the following:

      • You know the names of the MIB files you want to download. For the location of the appropriate MIB support list, see Cisco UCS MIB Support List Locations.
      • Passive FTP is enabled on your browser.
        Step 1   Access ftp:/​/​ftp.cisco.com/​pub/​mibs/​supportlists/​ucs/​ucs-manager-supportlist.html using passive FTP.
        Step 2   Log in with your cisco.com username and password, or as anonymous, with your e-mail address.
        Step 3   Enter cd /pub/mibs/ucs-mibs/ to change directories.
        Step 4   Use the get command to copy the desired files to your local system.
        Step 5   Use the quit command to exit passive FTP.