Cisco UCS B-Series GUI Firmware Management Guide, Release 2.1
Updating Management Extensions
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Updating Management Extensions

Updating Management Extensions

This chapter includes the following sections:

Management Extensions

Management Extension updates are included in each Cisco UCS Manager update. Unless otherwise instructed by Cisco Technical Support, you only need to activate the Management Extension update after you've downloaded, updated, and activated an Cisco UCS Infrastructure Software Bundle.

Management Extensions enable you to add support for previously unsupported servers and other hardware to Cisco UCS Manager. For example, you may need to activate a Management Extension if you want to add a new, previously unsupported server to an existing Cisco UCS domain.

The Management Extension image contains the images, information, and firmware required by Cisco UCS Manager to be able to manage the new hardware.

Cisco UCS Manager may need to access a Management Extension when you activate. Therefore, the Management Extension is locked during the activation and update process.

Activating a Management Extension

The Management Extension is included in the server bundle that you have already downloaded. You do not need to download the Management Extension separately.

    Step 1   In the Navigation pane, click the Admin tab.
    Step 2   On the Admin tab, expand All.
    Step 3   Click the Management Extension node.
    Step 4   In the Work pane, click the General tab.
    Step 5   In the Actions area, click Activate Management Extension.
    Step 6   In the Activate Management Extension dialog box, choose the management extension that you want to activate from the Version to be Activated drop-down list.
    Step 7   Click OK.