Cisco UCS Manager CLI Configuration Guide, Release 2.1
Managing the I/O Modules
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Managing the I/O Modules

Managing the I/O Modules

This chapter includes the following sections:

I/O Module Management in Cisco UCS Manager GUI

You can manage and monitor all I/O modules in a Cisco UCS domain through Cisco UCS Manager GUI.

Resetting the I/O Module

     Command or ActionPurpose
    Step 1UCS-A# scope chassis chassis-num  

    Enters chassis mode for the specified chassis.

    Step 2UCS-A /chassis # scope iom {a b}  

    Enters chassis IOM mode for the specified IOM.

    Step 3UCS-A /chassis/iom # reset  

    Resets the IOM.

    Step 4UCS-A /chassis/iom # commit-buffer  

    Commits the transaction to the system configuration.


    The following example resets the IOM on fabric A and commits the transaction:

    UCS-A# scope chassis 1
    UCS-A /chassis # scope iom a
    UCS-A /chassis/iom # reset
    UCS-A /chassis/iom* # commit-buffer
    UCS-A /chassis/iom #