Cisco UCS C-Series Servers VMware Installation Guide
RAID Controller Considerations
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RAID Controller Considerations

RAID Controller Considerations

This appendix includes the following sections:

RAID Controller Options

Cisco UCS C200 M1 Server and C210 M1 Server

These servers have the following options:

  • There is an Intel ICH10R onboard SATA controller on the motherboard. This controller supports RAID 0 and 1 for up to four SATA drives. This controller must be enabled in the system BIOS before you can use it, as described in Enabling the ICH10R Onboard Controller.
  • You can add an LSI 1064-based controller mezzanine card. This card provides RAID 0, 1, and 1E support for up to four SAS or SATA drives.

Cisco UCS C250 M1 Server

You can add an LSI 3081-based controller card. This card provides RAID 0 and 1 support for up to eight SAS or SATA drives.

All Other UCS C-Series Servers

You can add an LSI MegaRAID controller card. These cards provide RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60 support for up to twenty four SAS or SATA drives, depending on the LSI MegaRAID controller supported by your UCS server.


If you do not have a record of which option is used in the server, you can check the Inventory tabs in the CIMC GUI or you can reboot the server and watch the messages displayed as the system boots.

Enabling the ICH10R Onboard Controller


The Intel ICH10R SAS controller is installed in Cisco UCS C200 and C210 servers only.

    Step 1   In the KVM tab of the KVM Console, watch the boot messages and press F2 when prompted to enter BIOS setup.

    After you press F2, there is a small time interval before the BIOS setup utility is displayed because the server continues to initialize devices. It displays the utility only after initialization is complete.

    Step 2   Go to the Advanced tab of the BIOS Setup utility.
    Step 3   Select Mass Storage Controller Configuration and press Enter.
    Step 4   Ensure that the Onboard SATA Controller option is set to Enabled.
    Step 5   Select SATA Mode and press Enter.
    Step 6   Select SW RAID and press Enter.
    Step 7   Press F10 to save your changes.
    Step 8   Press Enter to confirm your changes and reboot the server.

    Launching Option ROM-Based Controller Utilities

    To alter the RAID configurations on your hard drives, you can use your host-based utilities that you install on top of your host OS, or you can use the LSI option ROM-based utilities that are installed on the server.


    Cisco has also developed the Cisco Server Configuration Utility for C-Series servers, which can assist you in setting up some RAID configurations for your drives. For details, see the user documentation for the appropriate release of this utility at the following URL:

    Reboot the server and watch for the appropriate prompt during boot.
    • The prompt for LSI controller card utility is Ctrl-H.
    • The prompt for the onboard Intel ICH10R controller utility is Ctrl-M.

    For details, see the documentation for your controller.

    Additional LSI Documentation Resources

    For basic information on RAID and how to use the LSI utilities, see the documentation included with the utility.

    You can also access the following LSI documentation on


    Cisco makes these versions available for your convenience only. You should always use the latest documentation for your LSI product.