Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence 4.6 User Guide for Windows
Managing your favorites
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Managing your favorites

Managing your favorites

The Favorites list contains people and endpoints whose video addresses you have stored for quick retrieval and reuse.


Favorites, the History, and passwords are stored per user and per Jabber Video account.

Adding a favorite

There are several ways to add a new favorite. The easiest way is to use the search field or the History list to locate the person or endpoint whose address you want to store.

Once you have located the person or endpoint, select the list entry using the mouse or arrow keys, then:

  1. Click the Add to favorites link.
  2. Enter or modify the favorite name as needed.
  3. Click Save or press Enter.

You can also add a video address as a favorite contact directly:

    Step 1   Click Favorites.
    Step 2   Click Add favorite.
    Step 3   Enter the display name you want for your contact.
    Step 4   Enter the video address (SIP URI).
    Step 5   Click Save or press Enter.

    Deleting a favorite

      Step 1   Click Favorites.
      Step 2   Select the entry you want to delete using the mouse or the arrow keys to make the link Edit favorite appear.
      Step 3   Click Edit favorite.
      Step 4   Click Delete favorite.