Smart Install Configuration Guide
Features per Release
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Features by Release

Minimum Cisco IOS Release for Major Features

Features by Release

The Smart Install is introduced in Cisco IOS Releases 12.2(52)SE, 15.0(2)SE and later, 15.1(2)SG, XE 3.4SG, 15.1(1)SY, 3.2(0)SE and later,15.3(3)M, 15.2.(2)E, 15.2.(3)E and later.

Minimum Cisco IOS Release for Major Features

Table C-1 lists the minimum software release (after the first release) required to support the major features. Features not listed are supported in all releases.


Table C-1 Features Introduced After the First Release and the Minimum Cisco IOS Release Required

New or Revised Commands for the Release

Cisco IOS Release 12.2(53)SE


Tailored configuration file automatically created by director.

Image list file automatically created by the director when the default image is stored in the director flash memory.

Support for the flash: keyword instead of tftp:// when the director is the TFTP server for storing the default image and a seed configuration file.

Cisco IOS Release 12.2(55)SE

Support for routers as Smart Install directors. See Appendix A.


You can configure the Smart Install network for clients to join only if they are on the on-hold list and it is during the configured join window.

vstack attach

vstack backup

vstack backup file-server

vstack join-window close

vstack join-window mode

vstack on-hold clients install

vstack on-hold clients remove

vstack tar

vstack untar

vstack untar/table

Support for two backup files per client.

When backup is enabled, zero-touch replacement is supported for Smart Install clients (with some restrictions for stack replacement). The replacement configuration file is a seed configuration file with only the basic features.

All image list file generation automatically done by the director.

Configuration synchronization and directory structure for the director.

Configurable file repository for images and configuration in the Smart Install network.

Support for hostname changes on Smart Install clients if none is configured.

Ability of the director to transparently connect to any Smart Install client.

You no longer need to specify the director port for zero-touch upgrades of non-Smart Install switches as 4787.

No need to specify the imaglist name for on-demand downloads. You can use the image name instead, for example, flash://image.tar.

In addition to tftp / flash / flash1 for image and seed configuration file storage, the usb keyword is supported.

Changes in the output of the show vstack config and show vstack status privileged EXEC commands.

Cisco IOS Release 12.2(58)SE, 15.1(1)SY, 15.0(2)SE, 15.1(2)SG, 3.2(0)SE and later, 15.3(3)M, and 15.2(2)E


Change the client health state from denied to the allowed or held state for the join window

vstack join-window-status index client-id { allowed | held }

vstack download-image tar image_URL { ip_address | index name } remote_switch_password [ override ] reload [ in time ] (index name keywords)

clear vstack { director-db [ entry index-number ]

[ no ] vstack (global configuration)

Simultaneous on-demand upgrades of multiple clients.

Option to remove selected clients from director database.

Better monitoring with more information in show vstack status command output to show client device status, health statue, and upgrade status.

New predefined homogeneous stack group.

Command to disable and re-enable Smart Install on client or director devices.

Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)SE and later, 15.1(2)SG, XE 3.4SG, 15.1(1)SY, and 15.3(3)M, and 15.2(2)E


You can use the vstack startup-vlan global configuration command to specify another VLAN that should be used for Smart Install management. Supports non-VLAN1 management and provides the ability to discover the client switches available on non-VLAN1.

vstack startup-vlan

Cisco IOS Release 3.6.(0)E and 15.2.(2)E


vstack script command to identify the default post install file for the clients.

vstack script

Option for post install (script) for show vstack config, show vstack download-status, s how vstack download-status detail, show vstack status, and show vstack status detail commands.

chassis type option for the built-in keyword.

show vstack

Added chassis type to configure a chassis.

vstack download-config

Added the built-in chassis_config and issu keywords.

vstack download-image

Added the chassis config keyword.

vstack group built-in