Cisco EnergyWise IOS Configuration Guide, EnergyWise Version 2.7
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Troubleshooting EnergyWise

Table Of Contents

Troubleshooting EnergyWise

Using CLI Commands

Detecting Communication Failures

Troubleshooting EnergyWise

Using CLI Commands

Detecting Communication Failures

Using CLI Commands

Table 4-1 show Privileged EXEC Commands 


show energywise

Displays the settings and status for the domain member or endpoint.

show energywise children

show energywise children provisioned

Displays the status of the connected endpoints.

Displays a summary of the EnergyWise information for the domain member and the connected endpoints.

show energywise domain

Displays the domain to which the domain member or endpoint belongs.

show energywise events

Display the last ten events (messages) sent to other domain members or endpoints in the domain.

show energywise neighbors

Displays the neighbor tables for the domain member.

show energywise recurrences

Displays the EnergyWise settings and status for recurrence.

show energywise statistics

Displays the counters for events and errors.

show energywise usage

Displays the actual power usage on the domain member or endpoint.

show energywise version

Displays the EnergyWise version.

show version

Displays the software version.

show power inline

Displays the PoE status.

show cdp neighbors

Displays the neighbors discovered by CDP.

This example shows that the Cisco 7960 IP Phone uses 6.3 W and that the Cisco 7970G IP Phone uses 10.3 W.

Switch# show energywise usage children
Interface   Name            Usage      Caliber
---------   ----            -----      -------
            Switch          144.0 (W)  max
Gi0/1       Gi0.1           6.3 (W)    trusted
Gi0/2       Gi0.2           10.3 (W)   trusted

For more information about the commands, see Chapter 3 "EnergyWise CLI Commands"and the platform-specific command references on

Detecting Communication Failures

Use the EnergyWise debug mode.


debug energywise debug

Displays errors such as invalid sequence numbers and communication errors on the domain.

debug energywise endpoint

Displays information about EnergyWise endpoints running a client or agent, helps detect mismatched domain names, secrets, and sequence numbers of connected endpoints.

debug energywise ha

Displays POWERNET high availability information.

debug energywise management

Displays information about authentication failures and EnergyWise management stations running power management applications.

debug energywise packet

Displays packet trace information.

debug energywise trace

Displays trace messages.