Catalyst 4500 Series Switch Cisco IOS Command Reference, Release IOS XE 3.3(0)XO
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Catalyst 4500 Series IOS Commands

Table Of Contents

Catalyst 4500 Series IOS Commands

A Commands

C Commands

D Commands

E Commands

F Commands

H Commands

I Commands

L Commands

M Commands

O Commands

N Commands

P Commands

Q Commands

R Commands

S Commands

Show Commands

T Commands

U Commands

V Commands

Catalyst 4500 Series IOS Commands

A Commands

aaa accounting dot1x default start-stop group radius

aaa accounting system default start-stop group radiusclear mac-address-table

access-group mode

access-list hardware capture mode

access-list hardware entries

access-list hardware region



ancp client server

ancp mode client


arp access-list

attach module

authentication control-direction

authentication critical recovery delay

authentication event

authentication fallback

authentication host-mode

authentication open

authentication order

authentication periodic

authentication port-control

authentication priority

authentication timer

authentication violation

auto qos classify

auto qos classify police

auto qos srnd4

auto qos trust

auto qos video

auto qos voip

auto qos voip cisco-softphone


C Commands

call-home (global configuration)

call-home request

call-home send

call-home send alert-group

call-home test



cisp enable


clear counters

clear errdisable

clear hw-module slot password

clear interface gigabitethernet

clear interface vlan

clear ip access-template

clear ip arp inspection log

clear ip arp inspection statistics

clear ip dhcp snooping binding

clear ip dhcp snooping database

clear ip dhcp snooping database statistics

clear ip igmp group

clear ip mfib counters

clear ip mfib fastdrop

clear ip wccp

clear lacp counters

clear nmsp statistics

clear mac-address-table dynamic

clear pagp

clear port-security

clear pppoe intermediate-agent statistics

clear qos

clear vlan counters

clear vmps statistics



D Commands

debug adjacency

debug backup

debug condition interface

debug condition standby

debug condition vlan

debug dot1x

debug etherchnl

debug interface

debug ip dhcp snooping event

debug ip dhcp snooping packet

debug ip verify source packet

debug ipc

debug lacp

debug monitor

debug nmsp

debug nvram

debug pagp

debug platform packet protocol lacp

debug platform packet protocol pagp

debug pm

debug port-security

debug pppoe intermediate-agent

debug redundancy

debug spanning-tree

debug spanning-tree backbonefast

debug spanning-tree switch

debug spanning-tree uplinkfast

debug sw-vlan

debug sw-vlan ifs

debug sw-vlan notification

debug sw-vlan vtp

debug udld

debug vqpc

define interface-range


diagnostic fpga soft-error recover

diagnostic monitor action

diagnostic start

dot1x auth-fail max-attempts

dot1x auth-fail vlan

dot1x credentials (global configuration)

dot1x critical

dot1x critical eapol

dot1x critical recovery delay

dot1x critical vlan

dot1x control-direction

dot1x guest-vlan

dot1x guest-vlan supplicant

dot1x host-mode

dot1x initialize

dot1x mac-auth-bypass

dot1x max-reauth-req

dot1x max-req

dot1x port-control

dot1x re-authenticate

dot1x re-authentication

dot1x system-auth-control

dot1x timeout


E Commands


errdisable detect

errdisable recovery

F Commands


H Commands

hardware statistics

hw-module beacon

hw-module power

hw-module system max-queue-limit

I Commands



interface port-channel

interface range

interface vlan

ip admission proxy http refresh-all

ip arp inspection filter vlan

ip arp inspection limit (interface)

ip arp inspection log-buffer

ip arp inspection trust

ip arp inspection validate

ip arp inspection vlan

ip arp inspection vlan logging

ip cef load-sharing algorithm

ip dhcp snooping

ip dhcp snooping binding

ip dhcp snooping database

ip dhcp snooping information option

ip dhcp snooping information option allow-untrusted

ip dhcp snooping limit rate

ip dhcp snooping trust

ip dhcp snooping vlan

ip device tracking maximum

ip igmp filter

ip igmp max-groups

ip igmp profile

ip igmp query-interval

ip igmp snooping

ip igmp snooping report-suppression

ip igmp snooping vlan

ip igmp snooping vlan explicit-tracking

ip igmp snooping vlan immediate-leave

ip igmp snooping vlan mrouter

ip igmp snooping vlan static

ip local-proxy-arp

ip mfib fastdrop

ip source binding

ip sticky-arp

ip verify header vlan all

ip verify source

ip verify unicast source reachable-viaip wccp

ip wccp check services all

ip wccp group-listen

ip wccp redirect

p wccp redirect exclude in

ipv6 mld snooping

ipv6 mld snooping last-listener-query-count

ipv6 mld snooping last-listener-query-interval

ipv6 mld snooping listener-message-suppression

ipv6 mld snooping robustness-variable

ipv6 mld snooping tcn

ipv6 mld snooping vlan

issu abortversion

issu acceptversion

issu commitversion

redundancy config-sync mismatched-commands

issu loadversion

issu runversion

issu set rollback-timer

L Commands


l2protocol-tunnel cos

l2protocol-tunnel drop-threshold

l2protocol-tunnel shutdown-threshold

lacp port-priority

lacp system-priority

lldp tlv-select power-management

logging event trunk-status global (global configuration)

logging event link-status global (global configuration)

logging event trunk-status global (global configuration)

logging event link-status global (global configuration)

logging event link-status (interface configuration)

logging event trunk-status (interface configuration)

M Commands


mac access-list extended

mac-address-table aging-time

mac-address-table dynamic group protocols

mac address-table learning vlan

mac-address-table notification

mac-address-table static

macro apply cisco-desktop

macro apply cisco-phone

macro apply cisco-router

macro apply cisco-switch

macro auto device

macro auto execute (built-in function)

macro auto execute (remotely-defined trigger)

macro auto execute (user-defined function)

macro auto global processing

macro auto mac-address-group

macro auto monitor

macro auto processing

macro auto sticky

macro global apply cisco-global

macro global apply system-cpp

macro global description



match flow ip

mdix auto



monitor capture {access-list | class-map}

monitor capture [clear | export]

monitor capture [interface | vlan | control-plane]

monitor capture file location buffer-size

monitor capture limit

monitor capture mycap match

monitor capture start

monitor session


O Commands

N Commands


P Commands

pagp learn-method

pagp port-priority




port-channel load-balance

port-channel standalone-disable

port-security mac-address

port-security mac-address sticky

port-security maximum

power dc input

power efficient-ethernet auto

power inline

power inline consumption

power inline four-pair forced

power redundancy-mode

power inline police

power redundancy-mode

pppoe intermediate-agent (global)

pppoe intermediate-agent (interface)

pppoe intermediate-agent (interface vlan-range)

pppoe intermediate-agent format-type (global)

pppoe intermediate-agent limit rate

pppoe intermediate-agent trust

pppoe intermediate-agent vendor-tag strip



private-vlan mapping

private-vlan synchronize

Q Commands

qos account layer-all encapsulation

qos account layer2 encapsulation

qos trust


R Commands


redundancy force-switchover

redundancy reload

remote login module


renew ip dhcp snooping database



S Commands

service-policy (interface configuration)

service-policy (policy-map class)

service-policy input (control-plane)

session module


set cos

set dscp

set precedence

set qos-group

shape (interface configuration)

shell trigger

show monitor capture

snmp ifindex clear

snmp ifindex persist

snmp-server enable traps

snmp-server ifindex persist

snmp-server ifindex persist compress

snmp trap mac-notification change

spanning-tree backbonefast

spanning-tree bpdufilter

spanning-tree bpduguard

spanning-tree cost

spanning-tree etherchannel guard misconfig

spanning-tree extend system-id

spanning-tree guard

spanning-tree link-type

spanning-tree loopguard default

spanning-tree mode

spanning-tree mst

spanning-tree mst configuration

spanning-tree mst forward-time

spanning-tree mst hello-time

spanning-tree mst max-age

spanning-tree mst max-hops

spanning-tree mst root

spanning-tree pathcost method

spanning-tree portfast (interface configuration mode)

spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default

spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default

spanning-tree portfast default

spanning-tree port-priority

spanning-tree uplinkfast

spanning-tree vlan



storm-control broadcast include multicast


switchport access vlan

switchport autostate exclude

switchport block

switchport mode

switchport port-security

switchport private-vlan association trunk

switchport private-vlan host-association

switchport private-vlan mapping

switchport private-vlan trunk allowed vlan

switchport private-vlan trunk native vlan tag

switchport trunk

switchport vlan mapping

system mtu

Show Commands

show access-group mode interface

show adjacency

show ancp multicast

show arp access-list

show authentication

show auto install status

show auto qos

show bootflash:

show bootvar

show cable-diagnostics tdr

show call-home

show cdp neighbors

show class-map

show diagnostic content

show diagnostic result module

show diagnostic result module test

show diagnostic result module test 2

show diagnostic result module test 3

show dot1x

show environment

show errdisable detect

show errdisable recovery

show etherchannel

show flowcontrol

show idprom

show interfaces

show interfaces capabilities

show interfaces counters

show interfaces description

show interfaces link

show interfaces mtu

show interfaces private-vlan mapping

show interfaces status

show interfaces switchport

show interfaces transceiver

show interfaces trunk

show ip arp inspection

show ip arp inspection log

show ip cef vlan

show ip dhcp snooping

show ip dhcp snooping binding

show ip dhcp snooping database

show ip igmp interface

show ip igmp profile

show ip igmp snooping

show ip igmp snooping membership

show ip igmp snooping mrouter

show ip igmp snooping vlan

show ip interface

show ip mfib

show ip mfib fastdrop

show ip mroute

show ip source binding

show ip verify source

show ip wccp

show ipc

show ipv6 mld snooping

show ipv6 mld snooping mrouter

show ipv6 mld snooping querier

show ipv6 snooping counters

show issu capability

show issu clients

show issu comp-matrix

show issu endpoints

show issu entities

show issu fsm

show issu message

show issu negotiated

show issu rollback-timer

show issu sessions

show issu state

show l2protocol-tunnel

show lacp

show mab

show mac access-group interface

show mac-address-table address

show mac-address-table aging-time

show mac-address-table count

show mac-address-table dynamic

show mac-address-table interface

show mac address-table learning

show mac-address-table multicast

show mac-address-table notification

show mac-address-table protocol

show mac-address-table static

show mac-address-table vlan

show macro auto mac-address-group

show macro auto device

show macro auto interface

show macro auto monitor clients

show macro auto monitor device

show macro auto monitor type

show module

show monitor

show nmsp

show pagp

show policy-map

show policy-map control-plane

show policy-map interface

show policy-map interface vlan

show port-security

show power

show power inline police

show qos

show pppoe intermediate-agent interface

show qos

show qos aggregate policer

show qos dbl

show qos interface

show qos maps

show redundancy

show redundancy config-sync

show running-config

show slavebootflash:

show slaveslot0:

show slot0:

show spanning-tree

show spanning-tree mst

show storm-control

show system mtu

show tech-support

show udld

show vlan

show vlan access-map

show vlan counters

show vlan dot1q tag native

show vlan group

show vlan internal usage

show vlan mapping

show vlan mtu

show vlan private-vlan

show vlan remote-span

show vmps

show vtp

T Commands

test cable-diagnostics tdr

traceroute mac

traceroute mac ip



U Commands

udld (global configuration mode)

udld (interface configuration mode)

udld reset



V Commands


vlan (VLAN Database mode)

vlan access-map

vlan configuration

vlan database

vlan dot1q tag native

vlan filter

vlan group

vlan internal allocation policy

vmps reconfirm (global configuration)

vmps reconfirm (privileged EXEC)

vmps retry

vmps server

vtp (global configuration mode)

vtp client

vtp domain

vtp password

vtp pruning

vtp server

vtp transparent

vtp v2-mode