Catalyst 4000 Series Installation Guide
Repacking a Switch
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Repacking a Switch

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Repacking a Switch

Repacking a Switch

If you need to return your Catalyst 4000 series switch to the factory, use the instructions in this appendix to repack and ship your switch.

Follow these steps to repack the switch using the original packaging material:

Step 1 Slide the pieces of the packing foam over the Catalyst 4000 series switch. (See Figure B-1.)

Note The Catalyst 4003 switch is shown in Figure B-1. The repackaging procedure for other Catalyst 4000 series switches is identical.

Step 2 Place the documentation and accessory kit in the box or poly bag provided.

Step 3 Place the box or poly bag containing the documentation and accessory kit on top of the packing material.

Step 4 Place the switch (with packing foam pieces) into the packing carton.

Step 5 Fold in the top flaps of the packing carton and seal with packing tape.

Figure B-1 Catalyst 4000 Series Switch Packing Material