System Message Guide - Catalyst Family Switches, 8.3GLX and 8.4GLX
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Table Of Contents

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Access Control Lists messages

See ACL messages

ACL messages2-3to 2-6

audience profile ix


buffer size

changing 1-7


CDP messages2-11to 2-12

character string variable field 1-3, 1-4

Cisco Discovery Protocol messages

See CDP messages

Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP) messages

See MCAST messages

Common Open Policy Service Protocol messages

See COPS messages


examples1-5to 1-11

syslog daemon 1-6

syslog servers 1-6

system message logging 1-5

Telnet sessions 1-8

COPS messages2-12to 2-13


date/time stamp designation 2-1

decimal variable field 1-4

default system message log configuration 1-4

deleting syslog servers 1-7

disabling system message logging

configured syslog server 1-7

current Telnet login session 1-8

from console 1-5


current system message configuration 1-9

first system message 1-10

last system message 1-11


conventions x

organization ix

related documents ix

DRIP messages2-15to 2-17

DTP messages2-17to 2-21

Dual Ring Protocol messages

See DRIP messages

DVLAN messages2-21to 2-26

Dynamic Trunking Protocol messages

See DTP messages

Dynamic VLAN messages

See DVLAN messages


EARL messages2-26to 2-28

enabling system message logging

current Telnet login session 1-8

to configured syslog servers 1-6

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic messages

See EARL messages

ETHC messages2-29to 2-32

Ethernet Channel messages

See ETHC messages


changing the log buffer size 1-7

disabling system message logging to console 1-5

displaying default configuration 1-5

displaying messages from buffer 1-10

enabling or disabling the message timestamp 1-8

enabling system message logging 1-6

setting logging server severity levels 1-7

setting syslog server facility to local0 1-7

system message 1-1


facility codes

changing 1-5

description 1-2

table1-2to 1-3

FILESYS messages2-32to 2-33

Flash file system messages

See FILESYS messages


GARP Multicast Registration Protocol (GMRP) messages

See MCAST messages

GARP VLAN Registration Protocol messages

See GVRP messages

Generic Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling messages

See GL2PT messages

GL2PT messages2-33to 2-34

GVRP messages2-34to 2-36


hexadecimal integer variable field 1-4


INLINEPOWER messages2-37to 2-38

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) messages

See MCAST messages

IP messages2-39to 2-40


KERNEL messages2-40to 2-42


LD messages 2-42

Local Director messages

See LD messages


See System Message Logs


MCAST messages2-42to 2-50

message severity levels

changing 1-5

description 1-3, 2-1

table 1-3

message structure 1-1

MGMT messages2-51to 2-57

MLS messages2-58to 2-66

mnemonic codes 1-3

Multicast messages

See MCAST messages

Multilayer Switching messages

See MLS messages


PRIVATEVLAN messages2-66to 2-70

PROTFILT messages2-70to 2-71

Protocol Filtering messages

See PROTFILT messages

PRUNING messages2-71to 2-78

PVLAN messages

see PRIVATEVLAN messages


QOS messages2-78to 2-86

Quality of Service messages

See QOS messages


RADIUS messages2-87to 2-88

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service messages

See RADIUS messages

Resource Reservation Protocol messages

See RSVP messages

RSVP messages2-88to 2-90


SECURITY messages2-90to 2-93

setting facility and severity level for syslog server messages 1-6

severity levels

description 1-3, 2-1

table 1-3

Simple Network Management Protocol messages

See SNMP messages

Simple Network Management Protocol RMON messages

See SNMP RMON messages

SNMP messages2-94to 2-100

SNMP RMON messages2-100to 2-101

Spanning Tree Protocol messages

See SPANTREE messages

SPANTREE messages2-101to 2-114

syslog daemon 1-6

syslog servers

adding 1-7

configuring 1-6

SYS messages2-114to 2-190

System Message Logging

clear logging server command 1-7

System Message Log procedures 1-4

console configuration 1-5

default system message log configuration 1-4

displaying system logging configuration 1-9

syslog daemon on a UNIX syslog server configuration 1-6

syslog server configuration 1-6

Telnet login session configuration 1-8

System Message Logs

configuring syslog servers 1-6

configuring the console and telnet sessions 1-5

configuring the syslog daemon on a UNIX server 1-6

default configuration 1-4

set logging console disable command 1-5

set logging server command 1-6, 1-7, 1-8


TAC messages2-191to 2-194

TCP messages 2-194

Telnet login session

configuring 1-8

Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus messages

See TAC messages


changing 1-8

Transmission Control Protocol messages

See TCP messages


UDLD messages2-195to 2-196

UniDirectional Link Detection Protocol messages

See UDLD messages

UNIX servers

configuring syslog daemon 1-6

saving messages to 1-4


variable fields

characters 1-4

decimal 1-4

hexadecimal 1-4

table 1-4


System Message Log configuration 1-10

Telnet login session 1-10

VLAN Membership Policy Server messages

See VMPS messages

VLAN Trunking Protocol messages

See VTP messages

VLAN Trunking Protocol pruning messages

See PRUNING messages

VMPS messages2-196to 2-201

VTP messages2-201to 2-205