Lightweight Access Point Command Reference, Cisco IOS XE Release 3SE (Catalyst 3850 Switches)
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Editing Commands


ap auth-list
ap bridging
ap capwap
ap cdp
ap core-dump
ap country
ap dot11
ap dot11 24ghz
ap dot11 5ghz
ap dot11 cac
ap dot11 cleanair
ap dot11 l2roam
ap dot11 rrm
ap dot11 rrm ccx
ap dot11 rrm channel
ap dot1x
ap ethernet
ap group
ap image
ap ipv6 tcp
ap led
ap mgmtuser
ap name
ap name link-encryption
ap name antenna band
ap name capwap
ap name cdp
ap name dot11
ap name dot11 24ghz
ap name dot11 49ghz
ap name dot11 5ghz
ap name dot11 dot11n
ap name dot11 rrm
ap name ethernet
ap name ipv6 tcp
ap name jumbo
ap name key-zeroize
ap name lan
ap name led
ap name mode
ap name monitor-mode
ap name name
ap name no dot11
ap name power
ap name slot
ap name sniff
ap name ssh
ap name syslog
ap power
ap static-ip
ap syslog
ap tcp-adjust-mss


clear ap
clear ap join
clear ap name tsm
clear ap name wlan
config wireless wps


service-policy type
show ap
show ap cac
show ap cdp
show ap config
show ap config dot11
show ap dot11
show ap env
show ap ethernet
show ap gps-location
show ap groups
show ap join stats
show ap monitor-mode summary
show ap name
show ap name dot11
show ap name cac
show ap name capwap
show ap name ccx
show ap name config
show ap name dot11
show ap name env
show ap name lan
show ap universal summary
show wireless client


test ap name
test capwap ap
trapflags ap