Catalyst 3850 Switch Hardware Installation Guide
Installing the Fan
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Installing the Fan

Installing the Fan

Fan Module Overview

The switch has three fan modules. Fan modules are hot-swappable. A powered switch should always have more than one operational fan. The switch can operate with two operational fans and one nonfunctional fan, but the failed fan should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid a service interruption due to a second fan fault.


Three fans are required for proper cooling.
Figure 1. Fan Module




Retainer clip


Exhaust vent


Extraction handles

Installation Guidelines

Observe these guidelines when removing or installing a fan module:

  • Do not force the fan module into the slot. This can damage the pins on the switch if they are not aligned with the module.

  • A fan module that is only partially connected to the switch can disrupt the system operation.

  • The switch supports hot swapping of the fan module. You can remove and replace the module without interrupting normal switch operation.


Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install, replace, or service this equipment. Statement 1030

Installing a Fan Module


    Step 1   Pinch the fan module release handle, and slide the module out.


    You should replace the fan module within 5 minutes to avoid overheating the switch.

    Step 2   Install the fan module in the fan slot, and firmly push it into the slot, applying pressure to the end of the module, not the extraction handles. When correctly inserted, the fan module is flush with the switch rear panel. When the fan is operating, a green LED is on in the top left corner of the fan.


    Do not reach into a vacant slot when installing or removing a module. Exposed circuitry is an energy hazard. Statement 206

    Figure 2. Installing the Fan Module


    Fan LED

    Finding the Fan Module Serial Number

    If you contact Cisco Technical Assistance regarding a fan module, you need to know the fan module serial number. See the following illustration to find the serial number.

    Figure 3. Fan Module Serial Number