Catalyst 2800 Installation and Configuration Notes

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Catalyst 2800 Installation and Configuration Notes

Inserting a 100BaseTX/8 Module

Disabling Single-Port Modules

Cisco Connection Online


Catalyst 2800 Installation and Configuration Notes

September 23, 1996

These release notes describe the caveats and modifications for the Catalyst 2800. The product documentation for the Catalyst 2800 is as follows:

Catalyst 2800 User Guide

Catalyst 2000 MIB Reference Manual

Catalyst 2800 Modules User Guide

Inserting a 100BaseTX/8 Module

Although the Catalyst 2800 is designed to accommodate the hot insertion of any combination of field-installable Catalyst 2800 modules, the hot insertion of a 100BaseTX/8 module could cause the Catalyst 2800 to reset. For this reason, it is recommended that you install the module while power is off.

Disabling Single-Port Modules

Setting the status of the port on single-port Catalyst 2800 modules to disabled is not a reliable way to disable a module. Disabling single port modules is best accomplished by setting the module status to disabled.

To disable a module from the management console:

1 Select [P] on the Main Menu, and enter the expansion slot letter (A or B).

2 Select [M] on the Port Configuration Menu, and enter D to disable the module.

To disable the port using an SNMP manager, set the object
esModuleAdminStatus to disabled in the Modules MIB.

Cisco Connection Online

Cisco Connection Online (CCO), formerly Cisco Information Online (CIO), is Cisco Systems' primary, real-time support channel. Maintenance customers and partners can self-register on CCO to obtain additional content and services.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CCO provides a wealth of standard and value-added services to Cisco's customers and business partners. CCO services include product information, software updates, release notes, technical tips, the Bug Navigator, configuration notes, brochures, descriptions of service offerings, and download access to public and authorized files.

CCO serves a wide variety of users through two interfaces that are updated and enhanced simultaneously—a character-based version and a multimedia version that resides on the World Wide Web (WWW). The character-based CCO supports Zmodem, Kermit, Xmodem, FTP, Internet e-mail, and fax download options, and is excellent for quick access to information over lower bandwidths. The WWW version of CCO provides richly formatted documents with photographs, figures, graphics, and video, as well as hyperlinks to related information.

You can access CCO in the following ways:



Modem:  From North America, 408 526-8070; from Europe, 33 1 64 46 40 82. Use the following terminal settings: VT100 emulation; databits: 8; parity: none; stop bits: 1; and baud rates up to 14.4 kbps.

For a copy of CCO's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), contact For additional information, contact

Note   If you are a network administrator and need personal technical assistance with a Cisco product that is under warranty or covered by a maintenance contract, contact Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 800 553-2447, 408 526-7209, or To obtain general information about Cisco Systems, Cisco products, or upgrades, contact 800 553-6387, 408 526-7208, or