Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS SAN Switching Configuration Guide
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About N Port Identifier Virtualization

N port identifier virtualization (NPIV) provides a means to assign multiple FC IDs to a single N port. This feature allows multiple applications on the N port to use different identifiers and allows access control, zoning, and port security to be implemented at the application level. The following figure shows an example application using NPIV.

Figure 1. NPIV Example

Enabling N Port Identifier Virtualization

To enable or disable NPIV on the switch, perform this task:

Before You Begin

You must globally enable NPIV for all VSANs on the switch to allow the NPIV-enabled applications to use multiple N port identifiers.


All of the N port identifiers are allocated in the same VSAN.


1.    switch# configuration terminal

2.    switch(config)# feature npiv

3.    switch(config)# no feature npiv

  Command or Action Purpose
Step 1 switch# configuration terminal

Enters configuration mode.

Step 2 switch(config)# feature npiv

Enables NPIV for all VSANs on the switch.

Step 3 switch(config)# no feature npiv

Disables (default) NPIV on the switch.