Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Command Reference Master Index
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Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Command Reference Master Index, Release 6.2(2)

December 15, 2013

This index contains an alphabetical list of all the commands documented for Cisco NX-OS. Use the Alphabet Key or your web browser’s Find function to search for a command. To access the documentation for a particular command, click on the command name.

Although the PDF file for the Command Reference Master Index contains active links to the online command pages, the PDF file is intended to be used as a printed document.

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Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Fabric Path Command



Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS FEX Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS High Availability Command



Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Interfaces Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS IP Service Level greements

Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Layer 2 Switching Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Unicast Routing Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Locator/ID Separation

Protocol Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Multicast Routing Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Multiprotocol Label

Switching Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Overlay Transport

Virtualization Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Quality of Service Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Security Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS System Management Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Virtual Device Context Command Reference


sampler 364

sampling 366

sap modelist SEC-488

sap pmk SEC-490

save 367

scheduler 368

send FND-115

send-community extended MPLS-202

send-lifetime MPLS-203, SEC-492

serial -16

server SEC-494

service dhcp SEC-496

service-policy 1-85

service-policy input SEC-498

session protection MPLS-205

session-limit FND-118

set MPLS-206

set as-path 329

set comm-list delete 331

set community 333

set cos SEC-500

set cos (policy map type qos) 1-87

set cos (policy map type queuing) 1-88

set discard-class 1-90

set distance 336

set dscp (policy map class) SEC-502

set dscp (QoS) 1-91

set etxcommunity 339

set extcomm-list delete 343

set extcommunity cost 341

set extcommunity rt 345

set forwarding-address 347

set interface 349

set ip address prefix-list 351

set ip default next-hop 353

set ip next-hop 356

set ip next-hop verify-availability 1-38

set ipv6 default next-hop 358

set ipv6 next-hop 361

set level 363

set local-preference 365

set metric 367

set metric-type 369

set mpls experimental imposition MPLS-207

set nssa-only 371

set origin 373

set path-selection all advertise 375

set precedence (policy map class) SEC-504

set precedence (QoS) 1-93

set qos-group 1-95

set table 1-96

set tag 376

set vrf 378

set weight 380

set-attached-bit 328

set-overload-bit 1-69

setup FND-116

shape 1-98

show SEC-607

show access-list status module SEC-608

show aaa accounting SEC-538

show aaa authentication SEC-539

show aaa authorization SEC-541

show aaa groups SEC-543

show aaa user default-role SEC-544

show access-lists SEC-545

show accounting log SEC-548

show arp access-lists SEC-550

show banner motd FND-119

show bfd neighbors 1-53, 1-125

show bgp 400

show bgp community 402

show bgp community-list 404

show bgp extcommunity 406

show bgp extcommunity-list 408

show bgp ipv4 unicast labels 412

show bgp neighbors 410

show bgp sessions 413

show bgp unicast neighbors vrf MPLS-226

show bgp vpnv4 unicast 414

show bgp vpnv6 unicast 416

show boot 10, FND-120

show bridge-domain MPLS-227

show callhome 426

show callhome transport 428

show cdp 430

show cdp neighbors 432

show cfs application 433

show cfs lock 435

show cfs merge status 437

show cfs peers 439

show cfs regions 441

show cfs status 443

show checkpoint 445

show class-map type control-plane SEC-552

show class-map type network-qos 1-100

show class-map type qos 1-102

show class-map type queuing 1-104

show cli alias FND-122

show cli history FND-123

show cli list FND-125

show cli syntax FND-127

show cli syntax roles network-admin SEC-553

show cli syntax roles network-operator SEC-559

show cli variables FND-129

show clock FND-130

show configuration session 447

show configuration session global-info 449

show copp diff profile SEC-555

show copp profile SEC-557

show copp status SEC-561

show copyright FND-132

show cores 12, 450

show crypto ca certificates SEC-562

show crypto ca certstore SEC-564

show crypto ca crl SEC-565

show crypto ca remote-certstore SEC-568

show crypto ca trustpoints SEC-569

show crypto certificatemap SEC-570

show crypto key mypubkey rsa SEC-571

show crypto ssh-auth-map SEC-572

show cts SEC-573

show cts capability interface SEC-574

show cts credentials SEC-576

show cts environment-data SEC-577

show cts interface SEC-579

show cts pacs SEC-583

show cts role-based access-list SEC-585

show cts role-based counters SEC-587

show cts role-based enable SEC-589

show cts role-based policy SEC-590

show cts role-based sgt vlan SEC-592

show cts role-based sgt-map SEC-593

show cts sap pmk SEC-595

show cts sxp SEC-596

show cts sxp connection SEC-597

show device-alias 198

show diagnostic bootup level 452

show diagnostic content module 453

show diagnostic description module 455

show diagnostic events 456

show diagnostic ondemand setting 458

show diagnostic result 459

show diagnostic simulation 461

show diagnostic status 462

show diff rollback-patch 463

show dot1x SEC-598

show dot1x all SEC-599

show dot1x interface ethernet SEC-601

show encryption service stat SEC-603

show environment 464

show environment fex -19

show environment power 467

show eou SEC-604

show errdisable 1-129

show ethernet service instance MPLS-228

show ethernet service instance id interface ethernet MPLS-230

show ethernet service instance interface ethernet MPLS-229

show event manager environment 469

show event manager event-types 470

show event manager events action-log policy 418

show event manager history events 471

show event manager policy 472

show event manager policy-state 419, 473

show event manager script 474

show event manager system-policy 475

show fabric-binding 1100

show fabricpath conflict 1-94

show fabricpath ftag 1-95

show fabricpath isis adjacency 1-70

show fabricpath isis database 1-72

show fabricpath isis ftag 1-74

show fabricpath isis hostname 1-75

show fabricpath isis interface 1-76

show fabricpath isis ip mroute 1-78

show fabricpath isis ip redistribute mroute 1-79

show fabricpath isis protocol 1-80

show fabricpath isis route 1-82

show fabricpath isis rrm 1-83

show fabricpath isis spf-log 1-84

show fabricpath isis srm 1-86

show fabricpath isis ssn 1-87

show fabricpath isis statistics 1-88

show fabricpath isis switch-id 1-89

show fabricpath isis topology summary 1-90

show fabricpath isis traffic 1-91

show fabricpath isis trees 1-92

show fabricpath isis vlan-range 1-93

show fabricpath load-balance multicast 1-98

show fabricpath load-balance unicast 1-96

show fabricpath route 1-100

show fabricpath static route 1-104

show fabricpath switch-id 1-102

show fabricpath system-id 1-105

show fabricpath timers 1-106

show fabricpath topology 1-107

show fc2 1102

show fcalias 1106

show fcdomain 1107

show fcdroplatency 1110

show fcid-allocation 1111

show fcns database 1113

show fcns statistics 1115

show fcroute 1116

show fctimer 1118

show fdmi 1120

show feature-set 1-109, FND-133

show fex -21

show fex detail -23

show fex transceiver -26

show fex version -28

show fhrp 717

show file FND-134

show fips status SEC-606

show flogi 1122

show flow exporter 477

show flow interface 479

show flow record 487

show flow sw-monitor 481

show flow timeout 489

show forwarding 420, MPLS-231

show forwarding consistency l2 34

show forwarding distribution 422

show forwarding distribution ip igmp snooping 12

show forwarding distribution ipv6 multicast route 14

show forwarding distribution l2 multicast vlan 16

show forwarding distribution multicast 18

show forwarding distribution multicast client 19

show forwarding distribution multicast outgoing-interface-list 20

show forwarding distribution multicast route 21

show forwarding distribution otv multicast route 1-55

show forwarding inconsistency 423

show forwarding ipv6 multicast route 23

show forwarding l2 multicast vlan 25

show forwarding multicast outgoing-interface-list 27

show forwarding multicast route 28

show forwarding otv 1-57

show forwarding otv multicast outgoing-interface-list 1-58

show forwarding otv multicast route 1-59

show forwarding otv overlay 1-61

show fspf 1124

show glbp 425

show glbp capability 431

show hardware capacity 491

show hardware capacity interface 493, 495

show hardware fabric-utilization 497

show hardware fabric-utilization detail timestamp 498

show hardware feature-capability 490

show hardware flow 504

show hardware flow aging 500

show hardware flow entry 502

show hardware flow l2 506

show hardware flow sampler 508

show hardware flow utilization 510

show hardware forwarding dynamic-allocation status 433

show hardware forwarding ip verify 438

show hardware mac address-table 36

show hardware proxy layer-3 counters 435

show hardware proxy layer-3 detail 129, 437

show hardware qos dscp-to-queue ingress -29

show hardware queuing drops 1-106

show hardware rate-limiter SEC-609

show hostname FND-135

show hsrp 1-110, 440

show hsrp anycast 1-111

show hsrp bfd-sessions 442

show hsrp delay 443

show hsrp mgo 444

show hsrp summary 445

show identity policy SEC-613

show identity profile SEC-614

show incompatibility system FND-136

show install all FND-137

show interface 1-131

show interface brief 1-134

show interface capabilities 1-136

show interface counters 1-138

show interface counters errors 1-141

show interface counters storm-control 1-145

show interface counters trunk 1-147

show interface debounce 1-149

show interface description 1-151

show interface ethernet 1-153, 514

show interface ethernet capabilities 512

show interface ethernet counter detailed 516

show interface fex-fabric -31

show interface fex-intf -33

show interface flowcontrol 1-155

show interface mac-address 39

show interface mgmt 1-157

show interface port-channel 1-159

show interface port-channel counters 1-163

show interface priority-flow-control 1-108

show interface private-vlan mapping 41

show interface pruning 43

show interface status 1-167

show interface switchport 1-170, 44

show interface transceiver 1-173

show interface transceiver fex-fabric -34

show interface trunk 1-175, 46

show interface tunnel 1-177

show interface vlan 48

show interface vlan counters 51

show inventory 518

show inventory fex -36

show ip access-lists SEC-615

show ip access-lists capture session SEC-618

show ip adjacency 447

show ip adjacency summary 451

show ip adjacency throttle statistics 452

show ip arp 449

show ip arp inspection SEC-619

show ip arp inspection interface SEC-621

show ip arp inspection log SEC-623

show ip arp inspection statistics SEC-624

show ip arp inspection vlan SEC-626

show ip arp summary 453

show ip as-path-access-list 454

show ip bgp 455

show ip bgp community-list 457

show ip bgp dampening 459

show ip bgp extcommunity 461

show ip bgp extcommunity-list 462

show ip bgp filter-list 463

show ip bgp flap-statistics 464

show ip bgp history-paths 465

show ip bgp neighbors 466

show ip bgp nexthop 468

show ip bgp nexthop-database 469

show ip bgp peer-policy 470

show ip bgp peer-session 471

show ip bgp peer-template 472

show ip bgp prefix-list 474

show ip client 475

show ip community-list 476

show ip device tracking SEC-628

show ip dhcp relay SEC-630

show ip dhcp relay address SEC-631

show ip dhcp relay statistics SEC-633

show ip dhcp snooping SEC-634

show ip dhcp snooping binding SEC-636

show ip dhcp snooping statistics 1-178, SEC-638

show ip eigrp 477

show ip eigrp accounting 478

show ip eigrp interfaces 480

show ip eigrp neighbors 482

show ip eigrp policy statistics 485

show ip eigrp route-map statistics 487

show ip eigrp topology 489

show ip eigrp traffic 493

show ip fib 495

show ip fib distribution 496

show ip igmp 38

show ip igmp event-history 30

show ip igmp groups 32

show ip igmp interface 34

show ip igmp local-groups 36

show ip igmp snooping 40

show ip igmp snooping event-history 41

show ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking 43

show ip igmp snooping groups 44

show ip igmp snooping look-up mode 45

show ip igmp snooping mac-oif 47

show ip igmp snooping mrouter 49

show ip igmp snooping mrouter otv 1-62

show ip igmp snooping querier 50

show ip igmp snooping statistics 51

show ip interface 497

show ip lisp LSP-167

show ip lisp data-cache LSP-171

show ip lisp database LSP-172

show ip lisp locator-hash LSP-174

show ip lisp map-cache LSP-176

show ip lisp statistics LSP-178

show ip lisp translation-cache LSP-180

show ip load-sharing 499

show ip mbgp 500

show ip mbgp community 502

show ip mbgp community-list 503

show ip mbgp dampening 504

show ip mbgp extcommunity 505

show ip mbgp extcommunity-list 506

show ip mbgp filter-list 507

show ip mbgp flap-statistics 508

show ip mbgp history-paths 509

show ip mbgp neighbors 510

show ip mbgp nexthop 512

show ip mbgp nexthop-database 513

show ip mbgp prefix-list 514

show ip mroute 53

show ip mroute detail LSP-181

show ip mroute summary 55

show ip msdp count 57

show ip msdp event-history 59

show ip msdp mesh-group 61

show ip msdp peer 62

show ip msdp policy statistics sa-policy 64

show ip msdp route 66

show ip msdp rpf 68

show ip msdp sa-cache 69

show ip msdp sources 71

show ip msdp summary 73

show ip netstack mroute 74

show ip ospf 515, MPLS-233

show ip ospf border-routers 517

show ip ospf database 519

show ip ospf interface 525

show ip ospf lsa-content-changed-list 527

show ip ospf memory 529

show ip ospf mpls ldp interface MPLS-235

show ip ospf neighbors 531

show ip ospf policy statistics area 534

show ip ospf policy statistics redistribute 535

show ip ospf request-list 537

show ip ospf retransmission-list 539

show ip ospf routes 541

show ip ospf statistics 543

show ip ospf summary-address 545

show ip ospf traffic 547

show ip ospf virtual-links 549

show ip pim df 76

show ip pim event-history 77

show ip pim group-range 78

show ip pim interface 79

show ip pim lisp encap LSP-182

show ip pim mdt MPLS-236

show ip pim mdt receive MPLS-238

show ip pim mdt send MPLS-239

show ip pim neighbor 81

show ip pim oif-list 83

show ip pim policy statistics auto-rp 85

show ip pim policy statistics bsr 87

show ip pim policy statistics jp-policy 89

show ip pim policy statistics neighbor-policy 91

show ip pim policy statistics register-policy 93

show ip pim route 94

show ip pim rp 96

show ip pim rp-hash 97

show ip pim statistics 98

show ip pim vrf 100

show ip policy 551

show ip prefix-list 552, MPLS-240

show ip process 553

show ip rip 554

show ip rip interface 556

show ip rip neighbor 558

show ip rip policy statistics 560

show ip rip route 562

show ip rip statistics 564

show ip rip vrf MPLS-241

show ip route 566

show ip rsvp MPLS-242

show ip rsvp authentication MPLS-244

show ip rsvp counters MPLS-246

show ip rsvp fast-reroute MPLS-248

show ip rsvp hello client lsp MPLS-250

show ip rsvp hello client neighbor MPLS-251

show ip rsvp hello instance MPLS-252

show ip rsvp interface MPLS-253

show ip rsvp internal MPLS-255

show ip rsvp neighbor MPLS-257

show ip rsvp reservation MPLS-258

show ip rsvp sender MPLS-260

show ip rsvp session MPLS-262

show ip rsvp signalling rate-limit MPLS-263

show ip rsvp signalling refresh MPLS-264

show ip sla application 1-46

show ip sla configuration 1-39

show ip sla group schedule 1-51

show ip sla statistics 1-41

show ip static-route 568

show ip static-route track-table 569

show ip traffic 570

show ip verify source SEC-640

show ip wccp 572

show ipv6 access-lists SEC-641

show ipv6 adjacency 576

show ipv6 bgp 578

show ipv6 bgp community 580

show ipv6 bgp community-list 581

show ipv6 bgp dampening 582

show ipv6 bgp extcommunity-list 583

show ipv6 bgp filter-list 584

show ipv6 bgp flap-statistics 585

show ipv6 bgp history-paths 586

show ipv6 bgp neighbors 587

show ipv6 bgp nexthop 589

show ipv6 bgp nexthop-database 590

show ipv6 bgp prefix-list 591

show ipv6 client 592

show ipv6 dhcp relay SEC-644

show ipv6 dhcp relay statistics SEC-645

show ipv6 eigrp 593

show ipv6 eigrp accounting 594

show ipv6 eigrp interfaces 596

show ipv6 eigrp neighbors 598

show ipv6 eigrp route-map statistics 601

show ipv6 eigrp topology 603

show ipv6 eigrp traffic 605

show ipv6 fragments 607

show ipv6 icmp interface 608

show ipv6 interface 609

show ipv6 lisp LSP-183

show ipv6 lisp data-cache LSP-186

show ipv6 lisp database LSP-187

show ipv6 lisp locator-hash LSP-189

show ipv6 lisp map-cache LSP-191

show ipv6 lisp statistics LSP-193

show ipv6 lisp translation-cache LSP-195

show ipv6 local policy 1-110

show ipv6 mbgp 611

show ipv6 mbgp community 612

show ipv6 mbgp community-list 613

show ipv6 mbgp neighbors 614

show ipv6 mld groups 101

show ipv6 mld local-groups 103

show ipv6 mroute 105

show ipv6 mroute summary 107

show ipv6 nd interface 616

show ipv6 neighbor 618

show ipv6 pim df 109

show ipv6 pim event-history 110

show ipv6 pim group-range 111

show ipv6 pim interface 112

show ipv6 pim neighbor 114

show ipv6 pim oif-list 116

show ipv6 pim policy statistics jp-policy 118

show ipv6 pim policy statistics neighbor-policy 119

show ipv6 pim route 120

show ipv6 pim rp 121

show ipv6 pim rp-hash 123

show ipv6 pim statistics 124

show ipv6 pim vrf 126

show ipv6 policy 620

show ipv6 prefix-list 621

show ipv6 process 622

show ipv6 route 623

show ipv6 route static vrf MPLS-266

show ipv6 routers 625

show ipv6 static-route 626

show ipv6 traffic 627

show isis 629

show isis adjacency 631

show isis database 633

show isis hostname 635

show isis interface 636

show isis ip route-map statistics redistribute 638

show isis mesh-group 640

show isis protocol 641

show isis redistribute route 643

show isis route 645

show isis route-map statistics distribute 648

show isis rrm 650

show isis spf-log 652

show isis srm 654

show isis ssn 656

show isis statistics 658

show isis summary-address 660

show isis traffic 662

show key chain SEC-646

show l2 multicast trees ftag 1-113

show l2vpn atom MPLS-269

show l2vpn atom vc detail MPLS-267

show l2vpn service vfi MPLS-270

show l2vpn service xconnect all MPLS-272

show l2vpn vfi MPLS-271

show lacp counters 1-179

show lacp interface 1-181

show lacp neighbor 1-183

show lacp port-channel 1-185

show lacp system-identifier 1-187

show ldap-search-map SEC-648

show ldap-server SEC-650

show ldap-server groups SEC-651

show ldap-server statistics SEC-653

show license FND-140

show license feature package mapping FND-142

show license host-id FND-145

show license usage FND-146

show line FND-148

show lisp ddt queue LSP-196

show lisp ddt referral-cache LSP-197

show lisp ddt vrf LSP-198

show lisp dynamic-eid LSP-199

show lisp proxy-itr LSP-201

show lisp site LSP-202

show lldp dcbx interface ethernet 520

show lldp interface ethernet 522

show lldp neighbors 523

show lldp timers 525

show lldp tlv-select 526

show lldp traffic 527

show lldp traffic interface ethernet 528

show locator-led status 530

show logging console 531

show logging info 532

show logging ip access-list cache 534

show logging last 535

show logging level 536

show logging level fex -32

show logging level otv isis 1-63

show logging logfile 537

show logging loopback 538

show logging module 539

show logging monitor 540

show logging nvram 541

show logging onboard 542, 549

show logging server 551

show logging session status 552

show logging status 553

show logging timestamp 554

show mac access-lists SEC-655

show mac address-table 54

show mac address-table aging-time 57

show mac address-table learning-mode 1-118

show mac vdc VDC-32

show mac-list 664

show module 555

show module fex -37

show monitor 558

show monitor session 559

show mpls forwarding statistics MPLS-273

show mpls interface detail MPLS-275

show mpls interfaces MPLS-276

show mpls ip bindings MPLS-278

show mpls label range MPLS-280

show mpls ldp backoff MPLS-281

show mpls ldp capabilities MPLS-282

show mpls ldp checkpoint MPLS-283

show mpls ldp discovery MPLS-284

show mpls ldp graceful-restart MPLS-285

show mpls ldp igp sync MPLS-286

show mpls ldp neighbor MPLS-287

show mpls ldp neighbor graceful-restart MPLS-274

show mpls ldp parameter MPLS-289

show mpls oam MPLS-291

show mpls static binding ipv4 MPLS-293

show mpls static binding ipv4 vrf MPLS-294

show mpls switching MPLS-295

show mpls switching aggregate MPLS-297

show mpls switching aggregate detail MPLS-298

show mpls switching aggregate ipv4 MPLS-299

show mpls switching aggregate ipv6 MPLS-300

show mpls switching aggregate vrf MPLS-301

show mpls switching clients MPLS-302

show mpls switching detail MPLS-304

show mpls switching interface MPLS-305

show mpls switching labels MPLS-306

show mpls switching traffic-eng lsp ipv4 MPLS-307

show mpls switching traffic-eng tunnels MPLS-309

show mpls switching vrf MPLS-310

show mpls traffic-eng autoroute MPLS-311

show mpls traffic-eng exp MPLS-312

show mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency MPLS-313

show mpls traffic-eng high-availability MPLS-314

show mpls traffic-eng link-management MPLS-316

show mpls traffic-eng lsp attributes MPLS-318

show mpls traffic-eng topology MPLS-319

show mpls traffic-eng tunnels backup MPLS-321

show mpls traffic-eng tunnels fast-reroute MPLS-323

show mroute 1-114

show multicast trees 1-116

show mvpn bgp mdt-safi MPLS-325

show mvpn mdt encap vrf MPLS-326

show mvpn mdt route MPLS-327

show ntp access-groups 562

show ntp authentication-keys 563

show ntp authentication-status 564

show ntp internal 565

show ntp logging-status 567

show ntp peer-status 569

show ntp peers 568

show ntp pending peers 571

show ntp pending-diff 570

show ntp rts-update 574

show ntp session status 572

show ntp source 575

show ntp source-interface 576

show ntp statistics 577

show ntp status 573, 578

show ntp trusted-keys 580

show ospfv3 1-188, 667

show ospfv3 border-routers 669

show ospfv3 database 671

show ospfv3 interface 678

show ospfv3 memory 680

show ospfv3 neighbors 682

show ospfv3 policy statistics area 684

show ospfv3 policy statistics redistribute 685

show ospfv3 request-list 687

show ospfv3 retransmission-list 689

show ospfv3 routes 691

show ospfv3 statistics 693

show ospfv3 summary-address 695

show ospfv3 traffic 697

show ospfv3 virtual-links 699

show otv 1-64

show otv adjacency 1-67

show otv arp-nd-cache 1-69

show otv data-group 1-70

show otv isis active-source 1-73

show otv isis adjacency 1-75

show otv isis database 1-77

show otv isis hostname 1-79

show otv isis interface 1-80

show otv isis ip mroute 1-82

show otv isis ip redistribute mroute 1-84

show otv isis mac redistribute route 1-85

show otv isis protocol 1-87

show otv isis redistribute route 1-89

show otv isis route 1-90

show otv isis route-map statistics 1-91

show otv isis rrm 1-93

show otv isis site 1-94

show otv isis spf 1-95

show otv isis srm 1-96

show otv isis ssn 1-98

show otv isis statistics 1-100

show otv isis traffic 1-102

show otv isis vpn 1-104

show otv mroute 1-105

show otv mroute vlan 1-107

show otv route 1-108

show otv site 1-110

show otv statistics multicast 1-111

show otv vlan 1-112

show otv vlan-mapping 1-65

show otv vpn 1-114

show otv-isis track-adjacency-nexthop 1-101

show password strength-check SEC-657

show platform hardware capacity interface resources 581

show policy-map 1-111

show policy-map interface 1-113

show policy-map interface brief 1-116

show policy-map interface control-plane SEC-658

show policy-map system 1-118

show policy-map system type network-qos 1-120

show policy-map type control-plane SEC-660

show policy-map type network-qos 1-122

show policy-map type queuing 1-124

show policy-map vlan 1-125

show port-channel compatibility-parameters 1-190

show port-channel database 1-193

show port-channel load-balance 1-195

show port-channel rbh-distribution 1-196

show port-channel summary -30, 1-197

show port-channel traffic 1-199

show port-channel usage 1-201

show port-monitor 582

show port-monitor active 584

show port-monitor status 586

show port-profile 1-202

show port-security SEC-661

show port-security address SEC-663

show port-security interface SEC-665

show privilege SEC-667

show process cpu sort 592

show processes 587

show processes cpu 589

show processes cpu history 590

show processes log 594

show processes memory 597

show ptp brief 599

show ptp clock 601

show ptp clock foreign-masters-record 603

show ptp corrections 605

show ptp parent 607

show ptp port 609

show ptp time-property 611

show qos dcbxp 1-127

show qos shared-policer 1-129

show queuing interface -39, 1-130

show radius SEC-668

show radius-server SEC-670

show redundancy status 613

show resource VDC-33

show resource monitor-session 615

show resource monitor-session-extended 616

show rlir 1126

show rmon 617

show role SEC-673

show role feature SEC-676

show role feature-group SEC-679

show role pending SEC-682

show role pending-diff SEC-683

show role session SEC-684

show role status SEC-685

show route static vrf MPLS-328

show routing 701, MPLS-329

show routing hash 706

show routing ip multicast event-history 127

show routing ipv6 memory estimate routes 703

show routing ipv6 multicast 130

show routing ipv6 multicast clients 131

show routing ipv6 multicast event-history 133

show routing memory estimate 704

show routing multicast 135

show routing multicast clients 137

show routing-context 705

show rscn 1127

show run mpls ldp all MPLS-336

show run otv-isis 1-116

show running-config FND-150

show running-config aaa SEC-686

show running-config aclmgr SEC-687

show running-config cdp 619

show running-config copp SEC-690

show running-config cts SEC-692

show running-config dhcp SEC-694

show running-config diagnostic 621

show running-config diff FND-152

show running-config dot1x SEC-696

show running-config eem 622

show running-config eou SEC-697

show running-config fabricpath 1-119

show running-config fex -43

show running-config igmp 139

show running-config interface 1-205, MPLS-330

show running-config interface mgmt 1-208

show running-config ipqos 1-132

show running-config isis MPLS-331

show running-config l3vm MPLS-332

show running-config ldap SEC-698

show running-config lldp 623

show running-config monitor 624

show running-config mpls ldp MPLS-333

show running-config mpls traffic-eng MPLS-334

show running-config msdp 140

show running-config netflow 625

show running-config ntp 627

show running-config ospf MPLS-337

show running-config pim 142

show running-config pim6 144

show running-config port-security SEC-699

show running-config radius SEC-700

show running-config security SEC-701

show running-config snmp 629

show running-config spanning-tree 58

show running-config tacacs+ SEC-702

show running-config vdc VDC-35

show running-config vdc-all VDC-37

show running-config vlan 60

show running-config vpc 1-209

show running-config vrf MPLS-338

show running-config vtp 61

show running-config wccp 707

show sampler 630

show scheduler 631

show snmp 633

show snmp community 636

show snmp context 638

show snmp engineID 639

show snmp group 640

show snmp host 642

show snmp sessions 644

show snmp source-interface 645

show snmp trap 646

show snmp user 648

show sockets client 708

show sockets connection 710

show sockets statistics 712

show spanning-tree 62

show spanning-tree active 67

show spanning-tree bridge 70

show spanning-tree brief 72

show spanning-tree detail 74

show spanning-tree interface 76

show spanning-tree mst 79

show spanning-tree root 82

show spanning-tree summary 84

show spanning-tree vlan 86

show sprom 650

show sprom fex -45

show ssh key SEC-703

show ssh server SEC-705

show startup-config FND-154

show startup-config aaa SEC-706

show startup-config aclmgr SEC-707

show startup-config cdp 653

show startup-config cfs 656

show startup-config copp SEC-709

show startup-config dhcp SEC-711

show startup-config diagnostic 655

show startup-config dot1x SEC-713

show startup-config eem 657

show startup-config eou SEC-714

show startup-config igmp 146

show startup-config interface 1-211

show startup-config ldap SEC-715

show startup-config monitor 658

show startup-config mpls traffic-eng MPLS-339

show startup-config msdp 147

show startup-config netflow 659

show startup-config ntp 661

show startup-config pim 149

show startup-config pim6 151

show startup-config port-security SEC-716

show startup-config radius SEC-717

show startup-config security SEC-718

show startup-config snmp 663

show startup-config tacacs+ SEC-719

show startup-config vdc-all VDC-41

show startup-config vlan 89

show startup-config vpc 1-213

show startup-config vrf MPLS-341

show startup-config vtp 90

show switchname FND-156

show system cores 13, 665

show system error-id 666

show system internal access-list feature bank-class map SEC-720

show system internal dir FND-157

show system internal pktmgr internal control sw-rate-limit SEC-722

show system internal xbar fabric-flow-control-info 152

show system memory-status 667

show system pss shrink status 668

show system pss shrink status details 669

show system redundancy 14, 673

show system reset-reason 671

show system reset-reason fex -49

show system resources 675

show system standby manual-boot 16, 676

show system uptime 677

show system vlan reserved 91

show table-map 1-137

show tacacs+ SEC-723

show tacacs-server SEC-725

show tech fex all -50

show tech-support FND-158

show tech-support all binary 678

show tech-support ascii-cfg 680

show tech-support cfs 682

show tech-support fex -52

show tech-support mpls manager MPLS-342

show tech-support session-mgr 684

show tech-support snmp 685

show telnet server SEC-728

show terminal FND-160

show time-range SEC-729

show track 714

show trunk protocol 1129

show udld 1-214

show user-account SEC-731

show username SEC-732

show users SEC-734

show vdc 1-216, VDC-42

show vdc current-vdc VDC-44

show vdc membership VDC-45

show vdc resource VDC-47

show vdc resource template VDC-50

show vdc shared membership VDC-53

show version FND-161

show version fex -54

show version internal build-identifier 716

show vlan 92

show vlan access-list SEC-735

show vlan access-map SEC-736

show vlan counters 95

show vlan dot1q tag native 97

show vlan filter SEC-738

show vlan id 98

show vlan private-vlan 100

show vpc brief 1-218

show vpc consistency-parameters 1-222

show vpc orphan-ports 1-225

show vpc peer-keepalive 1-227

show vpc role 1-229

show vpc statistics 1-231

show vrf MPLS-344

show vrf interface MPLS-345

show vrrp 718

show vrrs client 720

show vrrs pathway 721

show vrrs server 722

show vrrs tag 723

show vsan 1130

show vtp counter 102

show vtp interface 104

show vtp password 106

show vtp status 107

show wwn 1132

show xml server status 686

show zone 1133

show zone analysis 1137

show zone internal global-info 1140

show zone internal vsan 1141

show zone policy 1142

show zone smart-zoning auto-conv 1143

show zoneset 1144

shut 371

shutdown 1-121, 1-233

shutdown (BGP) 382

shutdown (EIGRP) 383

shutdown (IS-IS) 384

shutdown (LDP configuration mode) MPLS-208

shutdown (OSPF) 385

shutdown (OSPFv3) 386

shutdown (TE configuration mode) MPLS-209

shutdown (VLAN configuration) 109

shutdown (VRRP) 387

signaling protocol none MPLS-220

signalling advertise explicit-null MPLS-210

signalling client batch-time MPLS-211

signalling hello graceful-restart MPLS-212

signalling hello graceful-restart refresh interval MPLS-213

signalling hello graceful-restart refresh misses MPLS-214

signalling hello graceful-restart send recovery-time MPLS-215

signalling hello graceful-restart send restart-time MPLS-216

signalling hello reroute MPLS-217

signalling initial-retransmit-delay MPLS-218

signalling patherr state-removal MPLS-219

signalling rate-limit MPLS-221

signalling refresh interval MPLS-222

signalling refresh misses MPLS-223

signalling refresh reduction MPLS-224

signalling refresh reduction ack-delay MPLS-225

signalling refresh reduction bundle-max-size MPLS-226

sleep FND-164

slot FND-165

snmp-server aaa-user cache-timeout 372

snmp-server community 373

snmp-server contact 375

snmp-server context 376

snmp-server enable traps 378

snmp-server globalEnforcePriv 382

snmp-server host 383

snmp-server host filter-vrf 385

snmp-server host use-vrf 386

snmp-server location 387

snmp-server mib community-map 388

snmp-server protocol enable 390

snmp-server source-interface 391

snmp-server tcp-session 393

snmp-server user 394

snmp-server user enforcePriv 396

snmp-trap 397

soo MPLS-227

source 399, 400, FND-167

source exception 402

source-interface SEC-506

spanning-tree bpdufilter 111

spanning-tree bpduguard 113

spanning-tree bridge assurance 115

spanning-tree cost 117

spanning-tree domain 1-123

spanning-tree guard 119

spanning-tree link-type 120

spanning-tree loopguard default 121

spanning-tree mode 122

spanning-tree mst configuration 124

spanning-tree mst cost 126

spanning-tree mst forward-time 128

spanning-tree mst hello-time 129

spanning-tree mst max-age 130

spanning-tree mst max-hops 131

spanning-tree mst port-priority 132

spanning-tree mst pre-standard 133

spanning-tree mst priority 134

spanning-tree mst root 135

spanning-tree mst simulate pvst 137

spanning-tree mst simulate pvst global 139

spanning-tree pathcost method 141

spanning-tree port type edge 143

spanning-tree port type edge bpdufilter default 145

spanning-tree port type edge bpduguard default 147

spanning-tree port type edge default 149

spanning-tree port type network 151

spanning-tree port type network default 153

spanning-tree port-priority 155

spanning-tree pseudo-information 157

spanning-tree vlan 158

speed 1-235

spf-interval 1-117, 1-124, 388

sscp FND-169

ssh SEC-508

ssh key SEC-510

ssh login-attempts SEC-512

ssh server enable SEC-514

ssh6 SEC-515

state 160

state enabled 1-237, MPLS-229

statistics per-entry SEC-516

stopbits FND-170

storm-control level SEC-518

stub 390

summary-address 392

summary-address (OSPF) 394

summary-address (OSPFv3) 396

suppress-inactive 398

switch-id 1-128

switchname FND-172

switchport 1-238

switchport access vlan 1-240

switchport allowed vlan MPLS-231

switchport autostate exclude 1-242

switchport dot1q ethertype 1-244

switchport host 1-246

switchport mode 1-248

switchport mode dot1q-tunnel 1-250

switchport mode fabricpath 1-126

switchport mode fex-fabric -18

switchport mode private-vlan host 161

switchport mode private-vlan promiscuous 163

switchport mode private-vlan promiscuous trunk 165

switchport mode private-vlan trunk secondary 167

switchport mode trunk 1145

switchport monitor 404

switchport port-security SEC-520

switchport port-security aging time SEC-522

switchport port-security aging type SEC-524

switchport port-security mac-address SEC-526

switchport port-security mac-address sticky SEC-528

switchport port-security maximum SEC-530

switchport port-security violation SEC-532, SEC-535

switchport private-vlan host-association 171

switchport private-vlan mapping trunk 173

switchport private-vlan trunk allowed vlan 175

switchport private-vlan trunk native vlan 177

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-251

switchport trunk native vlan 1-253

switchport trunk pruning vlan 179

switchto vdc VDC-55

switchwide VDC-54

system admin-vdc migrate VDC-57

system bridge-domain MPLS-230

system cores 17, 406

system default interface congestion mode 1-256

system default interface congestion timeout 1-257

system default interface pause mode 1-261

system default interface pause timeout 1-259

system default switchport 1-255, 1146

system default switchport fabricpath 1-127

system default zone 1150

system default zone default-zone permit 1148

system default zone smart-zone 1152

system hap-reset 19, 408

system heartbeat 20, 409

system jumbomtu 1-262

system module-type 1-265, VDC-58

system no hap-reset 21, 410

system no heartbeat 411

system no standby manual-boot 412

system no watchdog 413

system no watchdog kgdb 414

system pss shrink 415

system standby manual-boot 22, 416

system startup-config init 417

system startup-config unlock 418

system switchover 23, 421

system test-preupgrade running-ver 419

system trace 422

system vlan long-name 180

system vlan reserve 181

system watchdog 24, 423

system watchdog kgdb 424

system-mac 1-263

system-priority 1-266


table-map 1-139, MPLS-222

table-map (EIGRP) 994

table-map (OSPF) 995

table-map (OSPFv3) 996

tac-pac FND-174

tacacs+ abort SEC-740

tacacs+ commit SEC-741

tacacs+ distribute SEC-742

tacacs-server deadtime SEC-743

tacacs-server directed-request SEC-745

tacacs-server host SEC-747

tacacs-server key SEC-749

tacacs-server test SEC-751

tacacs-server timeout SEC-753

tag 1-26, 688

tail FND-175

tar append FND-177

tar create FND-179

tar extract FND-181

tar list FND-183

tcp-connect 1-8

telnet SEC-754

telnet server enable SEC-756

telnet6 SEC-757

template VDC-60

template (BGP) 997

template data timeout 690

terminal alias FND-184

terminal color FND-186

terminal dont-ask FND-188

terminal edit-mode vi FND-189

terminal event-manager bypass 691

terminal history no-exec-in-config FND-191

terminal length FND-192

terminal log-all FND-194

terminal redirection-mode FND-195

terminal session-timeout FND-196

terminal type FND-197

terminal verify-only SEC-759

terminal width FND-198

test aaa authorization command-type SEC-761

test forwarding distribution perf 1003

test forwarding inconsistency 1004

test watchdog 692

threshold 1-25

threshold percentage 1006

threshold weight 1008

time-range SEC-763

timeout 1-23

timer 1-134

timers (GLBP) 1010

timers active-time 1012

timers advertise 1013

timers basic 1014

timers lsa-arrival MPLS-223

timers lsa-arrival (OSPF) 1016

timers lsa-arrival (OSPFv3) 1018

timers lsa-group-pacing (OSPF) 1020

timers lsa-group-pacing (OSPFv3) 1022

timers nsf converge 1024

timers nsf route-hold 1025

timers nsf signal 1026

timers redirect 1027

timers throttle lsa MPLS-224

timers throttle lsa (OSPF) 1029

timers throttle lsa (OSPFv3) 1031

timers throttle spf (OSPF) 1033

timers throttle spf (OSPFv3) 1035

To display the entries in a Mshow local policy 665

topology MPLS-225

tos 1-22

traceroute FND-199

traceroute mpls MPLS-226

traceroute6 FND-200

track 1-27, 1-132, 1-267

track (VRRP) 1037

track interface 1039

track interface (VRRP) 1041

track ip route 1043

track ipv6 route 1045

track list 1046

track-adjacency-nexthop 1-119

transmit-delay (OSPF virtual link) 1048

transmit-delay (OSPFv3 virtual link) 1049

transport email mail-server 693

transport http proxy enable 695

transport http proxy server 696

transport http use-vrf 697

transport udp 698

trunk protocol enable 1153

trustedCert SEC-764

tunnel destination 1-269

tunnel mode 1-270

tunnel path-mtu-discovery 1-271

tunnel source 1-273

tunnel ttl 1-275

tunnel use-vrf 1-274

type -55


udld 1-276

udld aggressive 1-278

udld message-time 1-280

udld reset 1-281

udp-echo 1-3

udp-jitter 1-5

unsuppress-map 1050

update license FND-201

update-source loopback MPLS-232

use-vrf SEC-766

user-certdn-match SEC-769

user-pubkey-match SEC-771

user-switch-bind SEC-773

username SEC-775

userprofile SEC-780


vdc VDC-61

vdc combined-hostname VDC-63

vdc resource template VDC-64

vdc restart VDC-66

vdc suspend VDC-67

ve id MPLS-230

ve range MPLS-231

verify 700

verify-data 1-21

version 5 701

version 9 702

vfhrp delay 726

vlan 1-129

vlan (global configuration mode) 183

vlan access-map SEC-782

vlan configuration 185

vlan dot1q tag native 1-282

vlan filter SEC-784

vlan policy deny SEC-786

vlan-pruning enable 1-131

vpc 1-284

vpc domain 1-286

vpc orphan-ports suspend 1-288

vpc peer-link 1-289

vpn MPLS-232

vrf 704, 727, MPLS-233

vrf context 730, MPLS-234

vrf member 732, MPLS-235

vrf policy deny SEC-788

vrrp 733

vrrpv3 address-family 735

vrrs leader 736

vrrs pathway 737

vsan 1154

vsan database 1157

vtp domain 186

vtp file 187

vtp mode 188

vtp mode transparent 190

vtp password 191

vtp pruning 192

vtp version 193


weight 740

weighting 741

weighting track 743

where FND-203

write erase FND-204

wwn secondary-mac 1158

wwn vsan 1159


xml server max-session 708

xml server terminate session 709

xml server timeout 710

xml server validate 711

xmlin 712


zone clone 1161

zone commit 1162

zone compact 1163

zone convert smart-zoning 1164

zone copy 1165

zone default-zone 1167

zone merge-control restrict vsan 1168

zone mode enhanced 1169

zone name (configuration mode) 1170

zone name (zone set configuration mode) 1172

zone rename 1173

zone rscn address-format port 1174

zone smart-zoning enable 1175

zoneset (configuration mode) 1176

zoneset (EXEC mode) 1178