Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Command Reference Master Index
A through M
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Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Command Reference Master Index, Release 6.2(2)

December 15, 2013

This index contains an alphabetical list of all the commands documented for Cisco NX-OS. Use the Alphabet Key or your web browser’s Find function to search for a command. To access the documentation for a particular command, click on the command name.

Although the PDF file for the Command Reference Master Index contains active links to the online command pages, the PDF file is intended to be used as a printed document.

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Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Fabric Path Command



Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS FEX Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS High Availability Command



Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Interfaces Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS IP Service Level greements

Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Layer 2 Switching Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Unicast Routing Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Locator/ID Separation

Protocol Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Multicast Routing Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Multiprotocol Label

Switching Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Overlay Transport

Virtualization Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Quality of Service Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Security Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS System Management Command Reference


Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Virtual Device Context Command Reference


aaa accounting default SEC-2

aaa accounting dot1x SEC-4

aaa authentication cts default group SEC-6

aaa authentication dot1x default group SEC-8

aaa authentication eou default group SEC-10

aaa authentication login ascii-authentication SEC-12

aaa authentication login chap enable SEC-13

aaa authentication login console SEC-14

aaa authentication login default SEC-16

aaa authentication login error-enable SEC-18

aaa authentication login mschap enable SEC-20

aaa authentication login mschapv2 enable SEC-21

aaa authorization commands default SEC-22

aaa authorization config-commands default SEC-24

aaa authorization cts default group SEC-26

aaa authorization ssh-certificate SEC-28

aaa authorization ssh-publickey SEC-30

aaa group server ldap SEC-32

aaa group server radius SEC-33

aaa group server tacacs+ SEC-34

aaa user default-role SEC-35

abort (Call home) 2

abort (Session Manager) 3

absolute SEC-36

accept-lifetime MPLS-2, SEC-38

action SEC-40

action cli 4

action counter 5

action event-default 7

action exceptionlog 8

action forceshut 10

action overbudgetshut 11

action policy-default 13

action reload 14

action snmp-trap 15

action syslog 16

additional-paths -2

address (VRRP) -4

address-family MPLS-4

address-family (BGP) -6

address-family (EIGRP) -10

address-family (IS-IS) -12

address-family (OSPFv3) -15

address-family (RIP) -16

adjacency-check -18

advertise-labels MPLS-6

advertise-map -19

advertisement-interval (VRRP) -21

affinity (LSP attribute configuration mode) MPLS-8

affinity (TE interface configuration mode) MPLS-10

aggregate-address -23

alert-group 18

allocate interface ethernet VDC-1

allow feature-set FND-3

allowas-in MPLS-11

allowed-locator LSP-2

area MPLS-12

area authentication (OSPF) -26

area default-cost (OSPF) -28

area default-cost (OSPFv3) -29

area filter-list (OSPF) -30

area filter-list (OSPFv3) -32

area nssa (OSPF) -34

area nssa (OSPFv3) -36

area range (OSPF) -38

area range (OSPFv3) -40

area stub (OSPF) -42

area stub (OSPFv3) -43

area virtual-link (OSPF) -45

area virtual-link (OSPFv3) -47

arp access-list SEC-42

as-format asdot -49

as-override MPLS-14

attach fex -2

attach module FND-2

authentication (GLBP) -51

authentication (HSRP) -53

authentication (LDAP) SEC-44

authentication (OSPF virtual link) -55

authentication (OTV) 1-2

authentication (VRRP) -57

authentication challenge MPLS-15

authentication key-chain MPLS-17

authentication key-chain (EIGRP) -58

authentication key-chain (fabricpath) 1-3

authentication key-chain (IS-IS) -60

authentication lifetime MPLS-18

authentication mode (EIGRP) -62

authentication type MPLS-19

authentication window-size MPLS-20

authentication-check -63

authentication-check (fabricpath) 1-2

authentication-check (OTV) 1-3

authentication-key LSP-4

authentication-key (OSPF virtual link) -65

authentication-type -66

authentication-type (fabricpath) 1-4

authentication-type (OTV) 1-4

auto-bw (LSP attribute configuration mode) MPLS-22

auto-bw (TE interface configuration mode) MPLS-24

auto-bw timers MPLS-26

auto-cost (OSPF) -68

auto-cost (OSPFv3) -70

auto-recovery 1-2

autodiscovery bgp signaling bgp MPLS-28

autonomous-system -72, MPLS-27

autoroute announce MPLS-21


backoff MPLS-12

backup-bw MPLS-13

bandwidth (interface) 1-4

bandwidth (LSP attribute configuration mode) MPLS-14

bandwidth (QoS) 1-2

bandwidth (TE interface configuration mode) MPLS-16

bandwidth remaining 1-5

banner motd FND-5

beacon -3

bestpath 30

bfd 1-6

bfd authentication 1-8

bfd echo 1-10

bfd interval 1-12, MPLS-17

bfd optimize subinterfaces 1-14

bfd per-link 1-15

bfd slow-timer 1-17, MPLS-19

blink 22

bloggerd log-dump 24

bloggerd log-transfer 26

bloggerd parse log-buffer 28

boot auto-copy FND-7

boot kickstart FND-8

boot system FND-10

boot-order VDC-4

bridge-domain MPLS-20


callhome 32

callhome send 34

callhome test 35

capability additional-paths 76

capture session SEC-46

carrier-delay 1-19

cbts-member tunnel-te MPLS-22

cd FND-12

cdp advertise 36

cdp enable 37

cdp format device-id 38

cdp holdtime 39

cdp timer 40

cfs distribute 41

cfs eth 42

cfs ipv4 43

cfs region 45

channel-group 1-21

check logflash 47

checkpoint 48

class MPLS-24

class (policy map type qos) 1-7

class (policy map) SEC-47

class type queuing (policy map type queuing) 1-9

class-map 1-13, MPLS-25

class-map type control-plane SEC-49

class-map type network-qos match-any 1-11

class-map type queuing match-any 1-15

clear access-list counters SEC-51

clear accounting log SEC-53

clear bgp 77

clear bgp dampening 78

clear bgp flap-statistics 79

clear bgp policy statistics aggregate-address 80

clear bgp policy statistics dampening 81

clear bgp policy statistics neighbor 82

clear bgp policy statistics redistribute 83

clear bootvar log 2

clear callhome session 50

clear cdp 51

clear checkpoint database 52

clear cli history FND-13

clear copp statistics SEC-54

clear cores 3, 53

clear counters interface 1-25

clear cts role-based counters SEC-55

clear debug-logfile FND-14

clear device-alias 12

clear dot1x SEC-56

clear eou SEC-57

clear fabricpath isis adjacency 1-6

clear fabricpath isis statistics 1-8

clear fabricpath isis traffic 1-9

clear fcdomain 13

clear fcns statistics 14

clear fcs statistics 16

clear fctimer session 17

clear flow exporter 54

clear flow monitor 55

clear forwarding inconsistency 86

clear forwarding route 85

clear fscm log 15

clear fspf counters 18

clear hardware flow ip 57

clear hardware ip verify 88

clear hardware ip verify address 90

clear hardware ip verify length 92

clear hardware proxy layer-3 counters 94

clear hardware rate-limiter SEC-59

clear inactive-config acl FND-15

clear inactive-config acl qos FND-16

clear inactive-config qos FND-17

clear install all failed-standby FND-18

clear install failure-reason FND-19

clear ip access-list counters SEC-61

clear ip adjacency statistics 95

clear ip arp 96

clear ip arp inspection log SEC-63

clear ip arp inspection statistics vlan SEC-64

clear ip bgp 97

clear ip bgp dampening 98

clear ip bgp flap-statistics 99

clear ip device tracking SEC-66

clear ip dhcp relay statistics SEC-68

clear ip dhcp snooping binding SEC-69

clear ip eigrp accounting 100

clear ip eigrp neighbors 101

clear ip eigrp policy statistics redistribute 103

clear ip eigrp redistribution 105

clear ip eigrp traffic 106

clear ip igmp event-history 2

clear ip igmp groups 4

clear ip igmp interface statistics 6

clear ip igmp route 7

clear ip igmp snooping event-history 9

clear ip igmp snooping statistics vlan 10

clear ip interface statistics 107

clear ip lisp data-cache LSP-6

clear ip lisp map-cache LSP-7

clear ip lisp statistics LSP-9

clear ip mbgp 108

clear ip mbgp dampening 109

clear ip mbgp flap-statistics 110

clear ip mroute 11

clear ip msdp event-history 12

clear ip msdp peer 13

clear ip msdp policy statistics sa-policy 14

clear ip msdp route 15

clear ip msdp sa-cache 17

clear ip msdp statistics 19

clear ip ospf neighbor 111

clear ip ospf policy statistics 113

clear ip ospf redistribution 115

clear ip ospf statistics 116

clear ip ospf traffic 117

clear ip pim event-history 20

clear ip pim interface statistics 21

clear ip pim policy statistics 22

clear ip pim route 24

clear ip pim statistics 25

clear ip rip policy statistics redistribute 118

clear ip rip statistics 120

clear ip route 121

clear ip routing multicast event-history 26

clear ip traffic 122

clear ip wccp 123

clear ipv6 access-list counters SEC-71

clear ipv6 adjacency statistics 124

clear ipv6 dhcp relay statistics SEC-73

clear ipv6 eigrp accounting 125

clear ipv6 eigrp neighbors 126

clear ipv6 eigrp redistribution 130

clear ipv6 eigrp route-map statistics redistribute 128

clear ipv6 eigrp traffic 131

clear ipv6 icmp interface statistics 132

clear ipv6 lisp data-cache LSP-10

clear ipv6 lisp map-cache LSP-11

clear ipv6 lisp statistics LSP-13

clear ipv6 mld groups 27

clear ipv6 mld route 29

clear ipv6 mroute 31

clear ipv6 nd interface statistics 133

clear ipv6 neighbor 134

clear ipv6 pim event-history 32

clear ipv6 pim interface statistics 33

clear ipv6 pim policy statistics 34

clear ipv6 pim route 35

clear ipv6 pim statistics 36

clear ipv6 route 135

clear ipv6 routing multicast event-history 37

clear ipv6 traffic 136

clear isis adjacency 137

clear isis ip route-map statistics redistribute 138

clear isis redistribution 140

clear isis route-map statistics distribute 141

clear isis statistics 142

clear isis traffic 143

clear l2protocol tunnel counters 1-27

clear lacp counters 1-28

clear ldap-server statistics SEC-74

clear license FND-20

clear lisp dynamic-eid LSP-14

clear lisp proxy-itr LSP-16

clear lisp site LSP-17

clear logging ip access-list cache 59

clear logging logfile 60

clear logging nvram 61

clear logging onboard 62

clear logging session 64

clear mac access-list counters SEC-75

clear mac address-table dynamic 2

clear ntp session 65

clear ntp statistics 66

clear nvram 67

clear ospfv3 neighbor 144

clear ospfv3 policy statistics 146

clear ospfv3 statistics 148

clear ospfv3 traffic 149

clear otv arp-nd 1-6

clear otv isis adjacency 1-7

clear otv isis statistics 1-8

clear otv isis traffic 1-9

clear platform flow ip 68

clear port-security SEC-77

clear processes log archive 70

clear qos policies 1-19

clear qos policies 8e4q4q 1-20

clear qos statistics 1-17

clear radius-server statistics SEC-79

clear rlir 19

clear rmon 71

clear route-map pbr-statistics 150

clear routing ipv6 multicast 38

clear routing multicast 39

clear rscn session 110

clear rscn statistics 111

clear session state name 72

clear snmp counters 73

clear snmp hostconfig 74

clear sockets statistics 151

clear spanning-tree counters 4

clear spanning-tree detected-protocol 5

clear ssh hosts SEC-80

clear system reset-reason 75

clear tacacs-server statistics SEC-81

clear user SEC-82

clear vlan access-list counters SEC-83

clear vlan counters 7

clear vpc statistics 1-29

clear vrrp 152

clear vtp counters 8

clear xbar-driver 4

clear zone 112

clear zone smart-zoning 113

cli alias name FND-21

cli var name FND-23

clock protocol FND-26

clock set FND-25

clock summer-time FND-27

clock timezone FND-29

clock-tolerance 1-37

collect counter 76

collect flow 78

collect interface 80

collect routing 82

collect timestamp sys-uptime 85

collect transport tcp flags 87

commit (Call home) 89

commit (Session Manager) 91

confederation 153

configure session 92

configure terminal FND-30

congestion-control 1-22

contract-id 93

control-word MPLS-27

copp copy profile SEC-85

copp profile SEC-87

copy FND-32

copy running-config startup-config FND-36, MPLS-28

copy running-config startup-config vdc-all VDC-6

copy scheduled-config FND-31

counter 94

cpu-share VDC-7

CRLLookup SEC-89

crypto ca authenticate SEC-91

crypto ca crl request SEC-93

crypto ca enroll SEC-95

crypto ca export SEC-97

crypto ca import SEC-99

crypto ca lookup SEC-102

crypto ca remote ldap crl-refresh-time SEC-104

crypto ca remote ldap server-group SEC-105

crypto ca test verify SEC-106

crypto ca trustpoint SEC-107

crypto cert ssh-authorize SEC-110

crypto certificatemap mapname SEC-109

cts device-id SEC-112

cts dot1x SEC-113

cts manual SEC-115

cts refresh environment-data SEC-117

cts refresh role-based-policy SEC-118

cts rekey SEC-119

cts role-based access-list SEC-120

cts role-based counters enable SEC-122

cts role-based enforcement SEC-124

cts role-based sgt SEC-126

cts role-based sgt-map SEC-128

cts sgt SEC-130

cts sxp connection peer SEC-131

cts sxp default password SEC-133

cts sxp default source-ip SEC-135

cts sxp enable SEC-136

cts sxp reconcile-period SEC-137

cts sxp retry-period SEC-139

customer-id 97


data-pattern 1-20

database-mapping LSP-18

databits FND-37

dead-interval (OSPF virtual link) 34

dead-interval (OSPFv3 virtual link) 36

deadtime SEC-141

default (table map) 1-24

default interface 1-30

default isis passive-interface 47

default-information originate (EIGRP) 38

default-information originate (IS-IS) 40

default-information originate (OSPF) 42

default-information originate (OSPFv3) 44

default-information originate (RIP) 46

default-metric (EIGRP) 49

default-metric (OSPF) 51

default-metric (OSPFv3) 53

default-metric (RIP) 55

delay 1-32, 59

delay minimum 57

delay restore 1-34

delay restore interface-vlan 1-35

delete FND-39

delete ca-certificate SEC-143

delete certificate SEC-144

delete crl SEC-146

demand-circuit MPLS-30

deny (ARP) SEC-147

deny (IPv4) SEC-150

deny (IPv6) SEC-162

deny (MAC) SEC-172

deny (role-based access control list) SEC-175

description 1-10, 1-25, 1-37, LSP-20

description (EEM) 100

description (fex) -4

description (identity policy) SEC-177

description (NetFlow exporter) 103

description (NetFlow monitor) 102

description (NetFlow record) 101

description (NetFlow sampler) 104

description (SPAN) 105

description (user role) SEC-178

destination 106, MPLS-31

destination interface SEC-179

destination interface (SPAN) 107

destination-profile 109

destination-profile alert-group 111

destination-profile email-addr 113

destination-profile format 115

destination-profile http 116

destination-profile message-level 117

destination-profile message-size 118

destination-profile transport-method 119

device SEC-181

device ospf MPLS-32

device-alias abort 114

device-alias commit 115

device-alias database 116

device-alias distribute 117

device-alias import fcalias 118

device-alias mode 119

device-alias name 120

device-alias rename 121

diagnostic bootup level 120

diagnostic clear result module 121

diagnostic monitor interval module 122

diagnostic monitor module 124

diagnostic ondemand action-on-failure 126

diagnostic ondemand iteration 127

diagnostic start 128

diagnostic stop 129

diagnostic test simulation 130

diagnostic test simulation clear 132

diff-clean FND-40

dir FND-41

disable-peer-as-check MPLS-33

discard-route 60

discovery hello MPLS-35

discovery targeted-hello MPLS-37

distance (EIGRP) 61

distance (IS-IS) 63

distance (OSPF) 64

distance (OSPFv3) 65

distance (RIP) 66

distribute 68, 133

dot1x default SEC-183

dot1x host-mode SEC-184

dot1x initialize SEC-185

dot1x mac-auth-bypass SEC-186

dot1x max-reauth-req SEC-187

dot1x max-req SEC-189

dot1x pae authenticator SEC-191

dot1x port-control SEC-193

dot1x radius-accounting SEC-195

dot1x re-authentication (EXEC) SEC-196

dot1x re-authentication (global configuration and interface configuration) SEC-197

dot1x system-auth-control SEC-199

dot1x timeout quiet-period SEC-200

dot1x timeout ratelimit-period SEC-202

dot1x timeout re-authperiod SEC-204

dot1x timeout server-timeout SEC-206

dot1x timeout supp-timeout SEC-208

dot1x timeout tx-period SEC-210

dscp 135

dual-active exclude interface-vlan 1-38

duplex 1-40


ebgp multihop 190

echo FND-42

echo revision MPLS-40

echo vendor-extension MPLS-41

eid-prefix LSP-21

eigrp graceful-restart 191

eigrp log-neighbor-changes 192

eigrp log-neighbor-warnings 193

eigrp router-id 195

eigrp stub 196

enable SEC-214

enable Cert-DN-match SEC-212

enable secret SEC-215

enable user-server-group SEC-217

encapsulation dot1Q 1-42

encapsulation dot1q MPLS-42

encapsulation mpls MPLS-43

encrypt pause-frame SEC-219

encryption decrypt type6 SEC-218

encryption delete type6 SEC-221

encryption re-encrypt obfuscated SEC-222

end FND-44

enrollment terminal SEC-223

eou allow clientless SEC-224

eou default SEC-225

eou initialize SEC-226

eou logging SEC-228

eou max-retry SEC-230

eou port SEC-232

eou ratelimit SEC-233

eou revalidate (EXEC) SEC-235

eou revalidate (global configuration and interface configuration) SEC-237

eou timeout SEC-239

eq SEC-242

errdisable detect cause 1-43

errdisable recovery cause 1-45

errdisable recovery interval 1-47

erspan-id 138

ethanalyzer local interface 139

ethanalyzer local read 141

event cli 142

event counter 144

event fanabsent 146

event fanbad 147

event fib resource tcam usage 199

event fib route 198

event gold 148

event manager applet 150

event manager clear counter 151

event manager clear history events 152

event manager environment 153

event manager policy 154

event manager run 155

event module status 158

event module-failure 156

event oir 160

event policy-default 162

event snmp 163

event storm-control 166

event syslog 167

event temperature 169

event track 170

exclude-address MPLS-44

exec-timeout FND-45

exit FND-47

exp MPLS-45

explicit-null MPLS-46

explicit-path MPLS-48

exporter 172


fabric-binding activate 122

fabric-binding database copy vsan 124

fabric-binding database diff 125

fabric-binding database vsan 126

fabricpath domain default 1-11

fabricpath isis authentication key-chain 1-14

fabricpath isis authentication-check 1-12

fabricpath isis authentication-type 1-16

fabricpath isis csnp-interval 1-18

fabricpath isis hello-interval 1-19

fabricpath isis hello-multiplier 1-20

fabricpath isis hello-padding 1-21

fabricpath isis lsp-interval 1-22

fabricpath isis metric 1-23

fabricpath isis retransmit-interval 1-24

fabricpath load-balance 1-25

fabricpath load-balance multicast 1-29

fabricpath load-balance unicast 1-27

fabricpath multicast aggregate-routes 1-32

fabricpath multicast load-balance 1-30

fabricpath route 1-33

fabricpath switch-id 1-48

fabricpath switch-id (global configuration mode) 1-35

fabricpath switch-id (vpc-domain configuration mode) 1-36

fabricpath timers 1-40

fabricpath topology 1-37

fabricpath ttl multicast 1-38

fabricpath ttl unicast 1-39

fast-reroute (TE interface configuration mode) MPLS-50

fast-reroute backup-prot-preempt optimize-bw MPLS-52

fast-reroute timers promotion MPLS-53

fcalias clone 129

fcalias name 130

fcalias rename 131

fcdomain 132

fcdomain abort vsan 134

fcdomain commit vsan 135

fcdomain distribute 136

fcdomain rcf-reject 137

fcdroplatency 138

fcid-allocation 139

fcinterop fcid-allocation 141

fcns no-auto-poll 142

fcns proxy-port 143

fcns reject-duplicate-pwwn vsan 144

fcping 145

fcroute 147

fcs plat-check-global 149

fcs register 150

fcs virtual-device-add 151

fcsp 152

fcsp dhchap 154

fcsp reauthenticate 156

fcsp timeout 157

fctimer 158

fctimer abort 160

fctimer commit 161

fctimer distribute 162

fctrace 163

fdmi suppress-updates 164

feature (user role feature group) SEC-244

feature bfd 1-50, MPLS-54

feature bgp 72, MPLS-55

feature cts SEC-245

feature dhcp SEC-247

feature dot1x SEC-249

feature eigrp 73

feature eou SEC-250

feature evc MPLS-56

feature fabric-binding 128

feature fcsp 166

feature glbp 74

feature hsrp 76

feature interface-vlan 1-51

feature isis 77, MPLS-57

feature lacp 1-52

feature ldap SEC-251

feature lldp 174

feature mpls l3vpn MPLS-58

feature mpls ldp MPLS-59

feature mpls traffic-engineering MPLS-60

feature msdp MCR-42

feature mvpn MPLS-61

feature netflow 176

feature npiv 167

feature ntp 177

feature ospf 78, MPLS-62

feature ospfv3 79

feature otv 1-10

feature password encryption aes SEC-252

feature pbr 1-26, 80

feature pim MCR-43

feature pim6 MCR-44

feature pong FND-48

feature port-security SEC-253

feature port-track 168

feature private-vlan 9

feature privilege SEC-255

feature ptp 179

feature rip 81

feature scheduler 181

feature scp-server SEC-257

feature sftp-server SEC-259

feature ssh SEC-261

feature tacacs+ SEC-262

feature telnet SEC-263

feature tunnel 1-53

feature udld 1-54

feature vpc 1-55

feature vrrp 82

feature vrrpv3 83

feature vtp 10

feature wccp 84

feature-set FND-49

feature-set fabricpath 1-42

feature-set fex -5

feature-set mpls MPLS-63

fex -6

fex associate -7

filter SEC-264

filter (ERSPAN) 182

filter (SPAN) 184

filter access-group 186

filter frame-type arp 188

filter frame-type eth 190

filter frame-type fcoe 192

filter frame-type ipv4 194

filter frame-type ipv6 196

filter vlan 198

filter vlan include-untagged 199

find FND-51

fips mode enable SEC-266

flow exporter 200

flow monitor 202

flow record 205

flow timeout 207

flowcontrol 1-56

flowcontrol hardware FND-52

flush-routes (OSPF) 85

flush-routes (OSPFv3) 88

follow 86

format FND-53

forwarder preempt 89

forwarding-adjacency MPLS-64

fragments SEC-268

frequency 1-35

from MPLS-65

from (table map) 1-27

fspf config 169

fspf cost 171

fspf dead-interval 173

fspf enable 175

fspf hello-interval 176

fspf passive 178

fspf retransmit-interval 180


glbp 92

glbp timers extended-hold 93

graceful consistency-check 1-58

graceful-restart MPLS-68

graceful-restart (BGP) 94

graceful-restart (EIGRP) 96

graceful-restart (fabricpath) 1-43

graceful-restart (IS-IS) 97

graceful-restart (OSPF) 98

graceful-restart (OSPFv3) 99

graceful-restart (OTV) 1-11

graceful-restart t3 manual 100

graceful-restart t3 manual (OTV) 1-12

gt SEC-270

gunzip FND-54

gzip FND-55


ha-policy VDC-8

hardware access-list allow deny ace 1-29, SEC-272

hardware access-list capture SEC-274

hardware access-list resource feature bank-mapping SEC-276

hardware access-list resource pooling SEC-277

hardware access-list update SEC-279

hardware ejector enable 102

hardware fabric flow-control multicast 48

hardware fabricpath mac-learning 1-50

hardware forwarding dynamic-allocation 103

hardware forwarding l3 resource route non-deterministic 105

hardware forwarding shim 49

hardware ip glean throttle 106

hardware ip glean throttle maximum 107

hardware ip glean throttle syslog 108

hardware ip glean throttle timeout 110

hardware ip verify 111

hardware ip verify address 113

hardware ip verify length 115

hardware ipv6 verify 117

hardware proxy layer-3 forwarding 119

hardware proxy layer-3 replication 52

hardware proxy layer-3 replication rebalance-mode 50

hardware proxy layer-3 replication trigger rebalance 54

hardware qos dscp-to-queue ingress module-type -8, 1-28

hardware queue-limit -10

hardware rate-limiter SEC-281

header-type 214

hello-interval (OSPF virtual link) 121

hello-interval (OSPFv3 virtual link) 122

history buckets-kept 1-52

history distribution-of-statistics-kept 1-53

history enhanced 1-55

history filter 1-57

history hours-of-statistics-kept 1-59

history lives-kept 1-61

history statistics-distribution-interval 1-63

holdtime MPLS-72

host (IPv4) SEC-284

host (IPv6) SEC-286

hostname FND-56

hostname dynamic 123

hostname dynamic (fabricpath) 1-44

hostname dynamic (OTV) 1-13

hrsp version 2 130

hsrp 1-46, 125

hsrp anycast 1-48

hsrp bfd 1-59

hsrp ipv6 127

hsrp mac-refresh 128

hsrp timers extended-hold 129

hw-module logging onboard 212


icmp-echo 1-2

identity policy SEC-288

identity profile eapoudp SEC-289

import MPLS-74

in-order-guarantee 182

index MPLS-76

inherit port-profile 1-60, MPLS-77

inject-map 254

install all FND-58

install all epld FND-60

install all parallel FND-63

install fan-module epld FND-64

install feature-set FND-66

install feature-set fcoe 165

install feature-set fex -12

install feature-set mpls MPLS-84

install license FND-67

install module epld FND-68

install xbar-module epld FND-70

instance vlan 11

instance-id LSP-24

interface 1-10

interface cmp-mgmt module 1-62

interface ethernet 1-63, MPLS-80

interface loopback 1-64

interface mgmt 1-65

interface overlay 1-14

interface policy deny SEC-290

interface port-channel 1-66

interface pseudowire MPLS-81

interface tunnel 1-68

interface tunnel-te MPLS-83

interface vlan 1-70

internetworking MPLS-78

ip (GLBP) 256

ip (HSRP) 258

ip access-class SEC-292

ip access-group SEC-294

ip access-list 1-14, 218, SEC-296

ip address 1-11

ip arp 260

ip arp cache limit 261

ip arp fast-path 263

ip arp gratuitous 264

ip arp inspection filter SEC-298

ip arp inspection log-buffer SEC-299

ip arp inspection trust SEC-300

ip arp inspection validate SEC-301

ip arp inspection vlan SEC-303

ip as-path access-list 266

ip authentication key-chain eigrp 268

ip authentication mode eigrp 269

ip bandwidth eigrp 270

ip bandwidth-percent eigrp 271

ip community-list 272

ip delay eigrp 276

ip dhcp packet strict-validation SEC-305

ip dhcp relay SEC-307

ip dhcp relay address SEC-309

ip dhcp relay information option SEC-311

ip dhcp relay information option vpn SEC-313

ip dhcp relay sub-option type cisco SEC-317

ip dhcp relay subnet-broadcast SEC-315

ip dhcp smart-relay SEC-319

ip dhcp smart-relay global SEC-321

ip dhcp snooping SEC-323

ip dhcp snooping information option SEC-325

ip dhcp snooping trust SEC-327

ip dhcp snooping verify mac-address SEC-329

ip dhcp snooping vlan SEC-331

ip directed-broadcast 278

ip distribute-list eigrp 280

ip domain-list 282

ip domain-lookup 284

ip domain-name 285

ip dscp 219

ip eigrp bfd 1-71

ip eigrp shutdown 287

ip extcommunity-list 288

ip flow monitor 220

ip hello-interval eigrp 291

ip hold-time eigrp 292

ip host 294

ip igmp access-group 56

ip igmp enforce-router-alert 57

ip igmp event-history 58

ip igmp flush-routes 60

ip igmp group-timeout 61

ip igmp immediate-leave 62

ip igmp join-group 63

ip igmp last-member-query-count 65

ip igmp last-member-query-response-time 66

ip igmp query-interval 67

ip igmp query-max-response-time 68

ip igmp query-timeout 69

ip igmp report-link-local-groups 70

ip igmp report-policy 71

ip igmp robustness-variable 73

ip igmp snooping (Global) 74

ip igmp snooping (VLAN) 75

ip igmp snooping event-history 77

ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking 79

ip igmp snooping fast-leave 81

ip igmp snooping group-timeout 83

ip igmp snooping group-timeout (VLAN) 84

ip igmp snooping last-member-query-interval 86

ip igmp snooping link-local-groups-suppression 88

ip igmp snooping max-gq-miss 90

ip igmp snooping mrouter interface 91

ip igmp snooping optimised-multicast-flood 93

ip igmp snooping proxy 94

ip igmp snooping proxy (VLAN) 95

ip igmp snooping querier 96

ip igmp snooping querier-timeout 100

ip igmp snooping query-interval 98

ip igmp snooping query-max-response-time 99

ip igmp snooping report-suppression 101

ip igmp snooping robustness-variable 103

ip igmp snooping startup-query-count 104

ip igmp snooping startup-query-interval 105

ip igmp snooping static-group 106

ip igmp snooping v3-report-suppression (Global) 109

ip igmp snooping v3-report-suppression (VLAN) 110

ip igmp snooping version 108

ip igmp ssm-translate 112

ip igmp startup-query-count 114

ip igmp startup-query-interval 115

ip igmp state-limit 116

ip igmp static-oif 117

ip igmp version 119

ip lisp alt-vrf LSP-26

ip lisp database-mapping LSP-28

ip lisp etr LSP-31

ip lisp etr accept-map-request-mapping LSP-33

ip lisp etr glean-mapping LSP-35

ip lisp etr map-cache-ttl LSP-37

ip lisp etr map-server LSP-38

ip lisp hardware-forwarding LSP-40

ip lisp itr LSP-41

ip lisp itr map-resolver LSP-43

ip lisp itr send-data-probe LSP-45

ip lisp itr-etr LSP-47

ip lisp locator-down LSP-49

ip lisp locator-vrf LSP-51

ip lisp map-cache LSP-53

ip lisp map-cache-limit LSP-55

ip lisp map-request-source LSP-57

ip lisp map-resolver LSP-59

ip lisp map-server LSP-61

ip lisp multicast LSP-63

ip lisp nat-transversal LSP-64

ip lisp proxy-etr LSP-66

ip lisp proxy-itr LSP-68

ip lisp shortest-eid-prefix-length LSP-70

ip lisp source-locator LSP-72

ip lisp translate LSP-74

ip lisp use-petr LSP-76

ip load-sharing address 295

ip load-sharing per-packet 297

ip mroute 120

ip msdp description 122

ip msdp event-history 123

ip msdp flush-routes 125

ip msdp group-limit 126

ip msdp keepalive 127

ip msdp mesh-group 128

ip msdp originator-id 129

ip msdp password 130

ip msdp peer 131

ip msdp reconnect-interval 133

ip msdp sa-interval 134

ip msdp sa-limit 135

ip msdp sa-policy in 136

ip msdp sa-policy out 137

ip msdp shutdown 138

ip name-server 299

ip next-hop-self eigrp 301

ip offset-list eigrp 302

ip ospf authentication 304

ip ospf authentication-key 306

ip ospf bfd 1-72

ip ospf cost 308

ip ospf dead-interval 309

ip ospf hello-interval 311

ip ospf message-digest-key 312

ip ospf mtu-ignore 313

ip ospf network 314

ip ospf passive-interface 315

ip ospf priority 316

ip ospf retransmit-interval 318

ip ospf shutdown 319

ip ospf transmit-delay 320

ip passive-interface eigrp 321

ip pim anycast-rp 139

ip pim auto-rp listen 140

ip pim auto-rp mapping-agent 141

ip pim auto-rp mapping-agent-policy 143

ip pim auto-rp rp-candidate 144

ip pim auto-rp rp-candidate-policy 146

ip pim bfd 1-73

ip pim bfd-instance 1-74, 1-75

ip pim bidir-rp-limit 147

ip pim border 149

ip pim bsr bsr-policy 150

ip pim bsr forward 153

ip pim bsr listen 155

ip pim bsr rp-candidate-policy 157

ip pim bsr-candidate 151

ip pim dr-priority 158

ip pim event-history 159

ip pim flush-routes 161

ip pim hello-authentication ah-md5 162

ip pim hello-interval 164

ip pim jp-policy 166

ip pim log-neighbor-changes 168

ip pim neighbor-policy 169

ip pim pre-build-spt 170

ip pim register-policy 172

ip pim register-rate-limit 173

ip pim register-until-stop 174

ip pim rp-address 175, LSP-78

ip pim rp-candidate 177

ip pim send-rp-announce 179

ip pim send-rp-discovery 181

ip pim sg-expiry-timer 183

ip pim sparse-mode 184

ip pim spt-threshold infinity 185

ip pim ssm LSP-79

ip pim ssm policy 187

ip pim ssm range 188

ip pim state-limit 190

ip pim use-shared-tree-only 192

ip policy route-map 322

ip port access-group SEC-333

ip port-unreachable 324

ip prefix-list 325, MPLS-85

ip prefix-list description 327

ip proxy-arp 328

ip radius source-interface SEC-336

ip rip authentication key-chain 329

ip rip authentication mode 330

ip rip metric-offset 331

ip rip offset-list 332

ip rip passive-interface 333

ip rip poison-reverse 334

ip rip route-filter 335

ip rip summary-address 336

ip route 337, LSP-80

ip route track 339

ip router eigrp 340

ip router ospf area 341

ip router ospf multi-area 342

ip routing multicast event-history 194

ip routing multicast holddown 196

ip routing multicast software-replicate 197

ip rsvp MPLS-87

ip rsvp authentication challenge MPLS-88

ip rsvp authentication key-chain MPLS-89

ip rsvp authentication lifetime MPLS-90

ip rsvp authentication type MPLS-91

ip rsvp authentication window-size MPLS-92

ip rsvp signalling dscp MPLS-93

ip rsvp signalling hello dscp MPLS-94

ip rsvp signalling hello reroute MPLS-95

ip rsvp signalling hello reroute state-timeout refresh interval MPLS-97

ip rsvp signalling hello reroute state-timeout refresh misses MPLS-96

ip sla 1-12

ip sla group schedule 1-48

ip sla schedule 1-15

ip source binding SEC-337

ip source-route 343

ip split-horizon eigrp 344

ip summary-address eigrp 345

ip tacacs source-interface SEC-339

ip tcp path-mtu-discovery 347

ip tftp source-interface 223

ip ttl 225

ip unnumbered loopback MPLS-98

ip unreachables 348

ip verify source dhcp-snooping-vlan SEC-340

ip verify unicast source reachable-via SEC-341

ip wccp 350

ip wccp redirect 352

ip wccp redirect exclude in 354

ipv4 local policy route-map 356

ipv6 access-class SEC-343

ipv6 access-list SEC-345

ipv6 address 357

ipv6 authentication key-chain eigrp 359

ipv6 authentication mode eigrp 361

ipv6 bandwidth eigrp 362

ipv6 bandwidth-percent eigrp 363

ipv6 delay eigrp 364

ipv6 dhcp relay SEC-347

ipv6 dhcp relay address SEC-349

ipv6 distribute-list eigrp 365

ipv6 eigrp bfd 1-76

ipv6 eigrp shutdown 367

ipv6 hello-interval eigrp 368

ipv6 hold-time eigrp 369

ipv6 host 371

ipv6 lisp alt-vrf LSP-81

ipv6 lisp database-mapping LSP-83

ipv6 lisp etr LSP-86

ipv6 lisp etr accept-map-request-mapping LSP-88

ipv6 lisp etr glean-mapping LSP-90

ipv6 lisp etr map-cache-ttl LSP-92

ipv6 lisp etr map-server LSP-93

ipv6 lisp hardware-forwarding LSP-95

ipv6 lisp itr LSP-97

ipv6 lisp itr map-resolver LSP-99

ipv6 lisp itr send-data-probe LSP-101

ipv6 lisp itr-etr LSP-103

ipv6 lisp locator-down LSP-105

ipv6 lisp locator-vrf LSP-107

ipv6 lisp map-cache LSP-109

ipv6 lisp map-cache-limit LSP-111

ipv6 lisp map-request-source LSP-113

ipv6 lisp map-resolver LSP-115

ipv6 lisp map-server LSP-117

ipv6 lisp nat-transversal LSP-119

ipv6 lisp proxy-etr LSP-121

ipv6 lisp proxy-itr LSP-123

ipv6 lisp shortest-eid-prefix-length LSP-125

ipv6 lisp source-locator LSP-127

ipv6 lisp translate LSP-129

ipv6 lisp use-petr LSP-131

ipv6 local policy route-map 1-30, 372

ipv6 mld access-group 198

ipv6 mld group-timeout 199

ipv6 mld immediate-leave 200

ipv6 mld join-group 201

ipv6 mld last-member-query-count 203

ipv6 mld last-member-query-response-time 204

ipv6 mld querier-timeout 205

ipv6 mld query-interval 207

ipv6 mld query-max-response-time 208

ipv6 mld query-timeout 209

ipv6 mld report-link-local-groups 211

ipv6 mld report-policy 212

ipv6 mld robustness-variable 213

ipv6 mld ssm-translate 214

ipv6 mld startup-query-count 216

ipv6 mld startup-query-interval 217

ipv6 mld state-limit 218

ipv6 mld static-oif 220

ipv6 mld version 222

ipv6 nd cache limit 373

ipv6 nd dad attempts 374

ipv6 nd fast-path 375

ipv6 nd hop-limit 376

ipv6 nd managed-config-flag 377

ipv6 nd mtu 378

ipv6 nd ns-interval 379

ipv6 nd other-config-flag 380

ipv6 nd prefix 381

ipv6 nd ra-interval 382

ipv6 nd ra-lifetime 383

ipv6 nd reachable-time 384

ipv6 nd redirects 385

ipv6 nd retrans-timer 386

ipv6 nd suppress-ra 387

ipv6 neighbor 388

ipv6 next-hop-self eigrp 390

ipv6 offset-list eigrp 391

ipv6 passive-interface eigrp 393

ipv6 pim anycast-rp 223

ipv6 pim bidir-rp-limit 224

ipv6 pim border 226

ipv6 pim bsr bsr-policy 227

ipv6 pim bsr forward 230

ipv6 pim bsr listen 232

ipv6 pim bsr rp-candidate-policy 234

ipv6 pim bsr-candidate 228

ipv6 pim dr-priority 235

ipv6 pim event-history 236

ipv6 pim flush-routes 238

ipv6 pim hello-interval 239

ipv6 pim jp-policy 240

ipv6 pim log-neighbor-changes 242

ipv6 pim neighbor-policy 243

ipv6 pim register-policy 244

ipv6 pim register-rate-limit 245

ipv6 pim rp-address 246

ipv6 pim rp-candidate 248

ipv6 pim sparse-mode 250

ipv6 pim ssm range 251

ipv6 pim state-limit 253

ipv6 pim use-shared-tree-only 255

ipv6 policy route-map 394

ipv6 port traffic-filter SEC-351

ipv6 prefix-list 396

ipv6 prefix-list description 398

ipv6 route 399, LSP-133

ipv6 router eigrp 401

ipv6 router ospfv3 area 402

ipv6 router ospfv3 multi-area 403

ipv6 routing multicast event-history 256

ipv6 routing multicast holddown 258

ipv6 routing multicast software-replicate 259

ipv6 split-horizon eigrp 404

ipv6 summary-address eigrp 405

ipv6 traffic-filter SEC-354

ipv6 unreachables 406

is-type 407

isis authentication key-chain 409

isis authentication-check 411

isis authentication-type 413

isis bfd 1-77

isis circuit-type 415

isis csnp-interval 417

isis hello padding 419

isis hello-interval 421

isis hello-multiplier 423

isis lsp-interval 425

isis mesh-group 426

isis metric 428, MPLS-99

isis passive 430

isis passive-interface 431

isis priority 433


key MPLS-102, SEC-356

key chain MPLS-103, SEC-361

key config-key SEC-357

key-string MPLS-104, SEC-359


l2protocol tunnel 1-79

l2protocol tunnel cos 1-80

l2protocol tunnel drop-threshold 1-81

l2protocol tunnel shutdown-threshold 1-82

l2vpn vfi context MPLS-106

l2vpn xconnect context MPLS-107

label allocate global MPLS-109

lacp max-bundle 1-83

lacp min-links 1-85

lacp port-priority 1-86

lacp rate 1-87

lacp system-priority 1-88

layer-2 multicast lookup mac (Global configuration mode) 42

layer-2 multicast lookup mac (VLAN configuration mode) 43

ldap search-map SEC-368

ldap-server deadtime SEC-363

ldap-server host SEC-364

ldap-server port SEC-366

ldap-server timeout SEC-367

lig LSP-135

limit-resource anycast_bundleid 1-52

limit-resource m4route-mem VDC-12

limit-resource m6route-mem VDC-14

limit-resource module-type VDC-10

limit-resource monitor-session VDC-16

limit-resource monitor-session-erspan-dst VDC-18

limit-resource port-channel VDC-20

limit-resource u4route-mem VDC-22

limit-resource u6route-mem VDC-25

limit-resource vlan VDC-27

limit-resource vrf VDC-29

line com1 FND-72

line console FND-73

line vty FND-74

link debounce 1-89

link-management timers MPLS-110

lisp beta LSP-138

lisp ddt LSP-140

lisp ddt authoritative-prefix LSP-141

lisp ddt map-server-peer LSP-144

lisp ddt root LSP-143

lisp dynamic-eid LSP-145

lisp extend-subnet-mode LSP-147

lisp instance id LSP-149

lisp loc-reach-algorithm LSP-151

lisp mobility LSP-153

lisp site LSP-155

list (LSP attribute configuration mode) MPLS-112

list (TE explicit-path configuration mode) MPLS-113

lldp holdtime 228

lldp receive 230

lldp reinit 232

lldp timer 234

lldp tlv-select 236

lldp transmit 238

load-balancing 132

load-interval 1-91, MPLS-114

local-as 134

local-as (bgp) 135

locator-led 240

lockdown MPLS-115

log-adjacency-changes (EIGRP) 137

log-adjacency-changes (fabricpath) 1-54

log-adjacency-changes (IS-IS) 138

log-adjacency-changes (OSPF) 139

log-adjacency-changes (OSPFv3) 140

log-adjacency-changes (OTV) 1-15

log-neighbor-warnings 141

logging console 242

logging drop threshold SEC-370

logging event 244

logging fex -13

logging ip access-list cache 245

logging level 247

logging logfile 249

logging lsp MPLS-116

logging message interface type ethernet description 251

logging module 253

logging monitor 255

logging neighbor-changes MPLS-117

logging password configuration MPLS-118

logging password rollover MPLS-119

logging server 257

logging source-interface 259

logging timestamp 260

logging tunnel MPLS-120

low-memory exempt 142

lsp attribute MPLS-121

lsp-gen-interval 143

lsp-gen-interval (fabricpath) 1-55

lsp-gen-interval (OTV) 1-16

lsp-mtu 145

lsp-mtu (fabricpath) 1-57

lsp-mtu (OTV) 1-18

lt SEC-372


mac access-list SEC-374

mac address-table aging-time 17

mac address-table fabricpath remote-learning 1-58

mac address-table learning-mode conversational 1-59

mac address-table multicast 2

mac address-table static 19

mac packet-classify SEC-376

mac port access-group SEC-378

mac-address 13

mac-address bpdu source version 2 15

mac-list 148

map-notify-group LSP-157

map-server LSP-159

match MPLS-124

match (class-map) SEC-380

match (NetFlow) 266

match (VLAN access-map) SEC-382

match access-group 1-31

match as-number 150

match as-path 152

match class-map 1-32

match community 154

match cos (class map type network-qos) 1-33

match cos (class map type qos) 1-34

match cos (class map type queuing) 1-36

match datalink 262

match discard-class 1-38

match dscp 1-39

match extcommunity 156

match interface 158

match ip 264

match ip address 1-17, 160

match ip multicast 163

match ip next-hop prefix-list 166

match ip route-source prefix-list 168

match ip rtp 1-41

match ipv4 265

match ipv6 address 170

match ipv6 multicast 173

match ipv6 next-hop prefix-list 176

match ipv6 route-source prefix-list 178

match length 180

match mac-list 184

match metric 182

match packet length 1-42

match precedence 1-43

match protocol 1-45

match qos-group 1-47

match route-type 186

match source-protocol 189

match tag 190

match transport 268

match vlan 192

max-lsp-lifetime 196

max-lsp-lifetime (fabricpath) 1-60

max-lsp-lifetime (OTV) 1-19

max-metric router-lsa (OSPF) 194

max-ports 1-93

maxas-limit 197

maximum routes MPLS-125

maximum-paths (BGP) 198

maximum-paths (EIGRP) 199

maximum-paths (fabricpath) 1-61

maximum-paths (IS-IS) 200

maximum-paths (OSPF) 202

maximum-paths (OSPFv3) 203

maximum-paths (RIP) 201

maximum-prefix 204

mdix auto 1-94

mdt asm-use-shared-tree MPLS-127

mdt data MPLS-128

mdt data bidir-enable MPLS-129

mdt default MPLS-130

mdt enforce-bgp-mdt-safi MPLS-131

mdt mtu MPLS-132

mdt pim hello-interval MPLS-133

mdt pim jp-interval MPLS-134

mdt source MPLS-135

media ethernet 21

medium 1-96

member MPLS-136

member (fcalias configuration mode) 184

member (zone configuration mode) 186

member (zoneset configuration mode) 188

member encapsulation mpls MPLS-138

member pseudowire MPLS-139

member vfi MPLS-141

message-digest-key (OSPF virtual link) 206

metric rib-scale 210

metric version 215

metric direct 0 207

metric maximum-hops 209

metric weights 212

metric-style transition 214

mode 269

mode auto 1-99

mode extended 271

modem connect line FND-75

modem in FND-76

modem init-string FND-78

modem restart line FND-80

modem set-string user-input FND-81

monitor counter 272

monitor erspan granularity 275

monitor erspan origin ip-address 274

monitor session 276, SEC-384

move FND-83

mpls ip MPLS-142

mpls ip (TE configuration mode) MPLS-143

mpls ip default-route MPLS-144

mpls label range MPLS-145

mpls ldp autoconfig MPLS-146

mpls ldp autoconfig area MPLS-148

mpls ldp configuration MPLS-149

mpls ldp discovery transport-address MPLS-150

mpls ldp graceful-restart MPLS-151

mpls ldp igp autoconfig MPLS-152

mpls ldp igp sync MPLS-153

mpls ldp sync MPLS-154

mpls oam MPLS-155

mpls static binding ipv4 MPLS-156

mpls static binding ipv4 vrf MPLS-158

mpls traffic-eng administrative-weight MPLS-159

mpls traffic-eng area MPLS-160

mpls traffic-eng attribute-flags MPLS-161

mpls traffic-eng backup-path MPLS-162

mpls traffic-eng bandwidth MPLS-163

mpls traffic-eng configuration MPLS-164

mpls traffic-eng flooding threshold MPLS-165

mpls traffic-eng level MPLS-166

mpls traffic-eng router-id MPLS-167

mpls traffic-eng tunnels MPLS-168

mtu 1-49, 1-97, 279

multicast best-effort 281