Cisco DCNM Layer 2 Switching Configuration Guide, Release 4.2
New and Changed Information
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New and Changed Information

New and Changed Information

This section provides release-specific information for each new and changed feature in the Data Center Manager (DCNM) for Layer 2 switching.

New and Changed Information for DCNM

To check for additional information about Cisco DCNM Release 4.0, see the Cisco DCNM Release Notes.

This table summarizes the new and changed features for the DCNM Layer 2 switching.
Table 1 New and Changed Features



Changed in Release

Display enabled features

You can display which features are enabled on the device.


VLAN Trunking Protocol

You can run VTP in transparent mode.


Layer 2 consistency

The show forwarding consistency l2 command displays inconsistent entries on the MAC address table between the modules.


Display for MAC tables enhanced when vPC enabled.

The display for the show mac address-table command shows additional information when you have enabled and configured the vPC feature.


Private VLAN promiscuous trunk ports

Promiscuous trunk ports carry traffic for multiple private VLANs.


Static MAC addresses for Layer 3 interfaces

You can configure static MAC addresses for Layer 3 interfaces.


Link State Tracking (LST)

Assists with failover.


Chassis Internal Network (CIN)

Set up VLAN communication with thrid-party GUI.