Cisco Nexus 7710 Switch Site Preparation and Hardware Installation Guide
Accessory Kits
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Accessory Kits

Accessory Kits

This appendix includes the following sections:

Accessory Kit

The following table lists and illustrates the contents for the accessory kit.

Illustration Description Quantity

Rack Mount Kit

  • 12-24 x 3/4-in. Phillips screws (24)

  • M6 x 19 mm Phillips screws (24)

  • Adjustable bottom-support rails (2)

1 kit

RJ-45 rollover cable


DB-9F/RJ-45F PC terminal


Ground lug kit

  • Two-hole lug (1)

  • M4 x 8-mm Phillips pan-head screws (2)

1 kit

Cable tie, 8.5 inches (10)


ESD wrist strap (disposable)


Not applicable

Hazardous substances list for customers in China


Not applicable

Cisco Information Packet


Not applicable

1-Year Limited Warranty for Hardware



If you do not receive a part listed in this document, contact Cisco Technical Support at this URL:

If you purchased this product through a Cisco reseller, you might receive additional contents in your kit, such as documentation, hardware, and power cables.

The product shipment includes power cords for the following power supplies:

  • 3-kW AC power supplies—one power cord per power supply

  • 3-kW DC power supplies—no power cords supplied (you must supply a 6 AWG cable for up to 45 A)

The shipped cables depend on your specification when placing an order. The available power cords for the 3-kW AC power supplies are as follows:

  • CAB-AC-16A-AUS—power cord, 250-VAC 16A, C19, Australia

  • CAB-AC-16A-CH—power cord, 16-A, China

  • CAB-AC-2500W-EU—power cord, 250-VAC 16A, Europe

  • CAB-AC-2500W-INT—power cord, 250-VAC 16A, International

  • CAB-AC-2500W-ISRL—power cord, 250-VAC 16-A, Israel

  • CAB-9K16A-US1—power cord, 250-VAC 16A, Src Plug NEMA 6-20, US/Japan

  • CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK—power cord, 250-VAC 16A, twist lock, NEMA L6-20

  • CAB-7513AC—power cord, AC 110V North America

  • CAB-C19-CBN—cabinet jumper power cord, 250-VAC, 16A, C20C

  • CAB-ACS-16—power cord, 16-A, Switzerland

  • CAB-L520P-C19-US—NEMA L5-20 to IEC-C19 6ft US