IP Video Surveillance Design Guide
Product Selection
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Product Selection

Table Of Contents

Product Selection

Network Modules

Software Releases Evaluated

Server System Requirements

Viewer Requirements

Product Selection

This chapter discusses the systems requirements and software releases evaluated.

Network Modules

The majority of testing for this guide uses these network modules running the Cisco Video Analog Gateway and the Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server and Operations Manager on the following modules:

EVM-IPVS-16A  16-port Analog Video Gateway
NME-VMSS-16   Cisco Video Management and Storage System NME
NME-VMSS-HP16 Cisco Video Management and Storage System HP NME 16 ports
NME-VMSS-HP32 Cisco Video Management and Storage System HP NME 32 ports

Network modules product life cycle is updated to meet new system requirements. Contact the appropriate support channel for information on end-of-sales (EoS) announcement and replacement part numbers. The latest modules are as follows:

NME-VMSS2-16   Cisco VMSS - 2GB RAM, 500GB Storage, 16 Port License
NME-VMSS2-HP32 Cisco VMSS - 2GB RAM, 500GB Storage, 32 Port License
NME-ISS        Cisco ISS  - 512 MB RAM, 500 GB Storage

The NME-ISS provides a supplemental 500 Gigabytes of local storage on the ISS, in addition to the storage of the NME-VMSS2 for up to 1 Terabytes of storage.

Software Releases Evaluated

Table 1 represents a list of hardware and software versions used in testing.

Table 1 Hardware and Software Components Used in Testing 

IOS Version

Cisco 2851






Foundation version (

Cisco 3845






WAAS 4.1.1c

Cisco 3825



Foundation 1.0.1








Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(4)

Device Manager Version 6.1(5)51



Cisco Video Surveillance 2500 Series IP Cameras

Release 1.1 Software



and CIVS-IPC-2500-1.1.2W

Cisco 7206VXR (NPE400)



Server System Requirements

The Cisco Physical Security Multiservices Platforms is a suite of three-server platforms. The servers have options for Fibre Channel interfaces, and can both analog and IP video directed from the network. Each platform is integrated with the Cisco Video Surveillance Manager.

1-rack-unit (RU) Multiservices Platform—Supports up to four 1TB SATA hard drives.

2RU Multiservices Platform—Supports up to twelve 1TB SATA hard drives.

4RU Multiservices Platform—Supports up to 24 1TB SATA hard drives.

Viewer Requirements

Many commonly used laptops do not have sufficient performance to meet the minimum system requirements for viewing video feeds from either the standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) cameras. Refer to the appropriate Cisco Video Surveillance Manager software documentation for the release implemented to determine the minimum system requirements.