Cisco SAFE Reference Guide
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Reference Documents

Reference Documents

Security Area
Reference Document

Data Center

Data Center Service Integration: Service Chassis Design Guide


Cisco Nexus 7000 in the Data Center Aggregation Layer with Services

Campus Design

Campus Network for High Availability Design Guide

Enterprise Campus 3.0 Architecture: Overview and Framework

Campus Design Zone Site

DNS Protection

DNS Best Practices, Network Protections, and Attack Identification

DoS Protection

Remotely Triggered Black Hole Filtering

Edge Filtering

BCP 38

RFC 2827

RFC 3330

E-mail Security

Cisco IronPort C-Series


Endpoint Security



Export Restrictions

Cisco Global Export Trade


ASA 5500 Series

Cisco Firewall

IOS Firewall

Identity-Based Network Services

Cisco Identity Based Networking Services (IBNS)

Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC)

IP Spoofing Protection

Configuring DHCP Features and IP Source Guard on Catalyst 3750 Switches

Configuring DHCP Snooping and IP Source Guard on Catalyst 4500 Switches

Configuring Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding


Cisco IPS Portfolio

Cisco IPS 4200 Series Configuration Examples and TechNotes

Cisco IPS 4200 Series Configuration Guides

Cisco IPS Tuning Overview (CCO Login required)

Configuring IPS High Bandwidth Using EtherChannel Load Balancing

Network Access Control

Identity Based Networking Services (IBNS) Site

Network Appliance Site

NAC Profiler and NAC Server Collectors in a Layer 3 Out-of-Band Configuration Guide

NAC User Management: Configuring Authentication Servers

Network Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Technology Site

PCI Design

PCI Solution for Retail Design and Implementation Guide

QoS Design

Enterprise QoS Solution Reference Network Design Guide

Quality of Service (QoS)

Routing Security

Protecting Border Gateway Protocol for the Enterprise

Security Design

Cisco Network Security Baseline

Cisco SAFE

Design Zone for Security


Infrastructure Protection on Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 4500 Series Switches whitepaper

Switching Security

Configuring DHCP Features and IP Source Guard

Configuring Dynamic ARP Inspection on 3750 Switches

Configuring Port Security

Configuring Storm Control

Port Security Violations

Smartports Macros on 3750 Switches

Configuring SmartPort Macros on Catalyst 4500

Switch Security Services


Cisco IOS Netflow

Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (CS-MARS)

Embedded Event Manager (EEM) Scripting Community

Network Time Protocol: Best Practices White Paper

Teleworker Design

Cisco Virtual Office

Cisco Virtual Office-Solution Reference Network Design (SRND)

Threat Alerts

Cisco Security Advisories

Cisco Security Center

Cisco Security IntelliShield Alert Manager Service


Botnets: The New Threat Landscape

Infiltrating a Botnet

WAN Design

Call Admission Control for IKE

Design Zone for WAN/MAN

Digital Certificates/PKI for IPSec VPN's

Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) Design Guide

Secure WAN Design Zone

Site-to-Site VPNs

Transport Diversity: Performance Routing (PfR) Design Guide

Web Security

Cisco ASA.5500 Series Content Security Services

Cisco IOS Content Filtering

Cisco IronPort S-Series


Cisco Web Application Firewall

WLAN Security

Wireless and Network Security Integration Design Guide