Cloud Service Assurance for Virtualized Multiservice Data Center Design Guide
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This preface explains the objectives and intended audience of the Cloud Service Assurance for Virtualized Multiservice Data Center (CLSA VMDC) Design Guide (DG) and abridged version of the partner specific Design and Implementation Guide (DIG).

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This guide is intended for, but not limited to, system architects, network/compute/storage design engineers, systems engineers, field consultants, advanced services specialists, and customers who want to understand how to provide service assurance capabilities for VMDC.

This guide assumes that the reader is familiar with the basic concepts, aware of general system requirements, and has knowledge of Enterprise or Service Provider (SP) network and Data Center (DC) architectures and platforms and virtualization technologies.

Document Organization

Table i-1 provides the organization of this document.

Table i-1 Document Organization


Chapter 1 Introduction

This chapter provides an introduction to CLSA VMDC.

Chapter 2 VMDC System Overview

This chapter provides a brief review of the VMDC infrastructure system and its components.

Chapter 3 CLSA VMDC System Architecture

This chapter provides an overview of the CLSA VMDC system architecture.

Chapter 4 Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance Overview

This chapter discusses the Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance (CSA) architecture and provides an overview of the capabilities of the core assurance platform.