Cisco Compliance Solution for PCI DSS 2.0 Design and Implementation Guide
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Solution Authors

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Solution Authors

Solution Authors

Christian Janoff, Compliance Solutions Architect, STBU, Cisco Systems

Christian Janoff is a Solution Architect at Cisco Systems with over 15 years of solution architecture and design experience. Christian leads Cisco's participation on the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. He was elected to the PCI Council's Board of Advisors in May, 2009. Prior to Cisco, Christian worked as a network engineering manager at Safeway, Inc. Christian holds a bachelor's degree from University of California at Santa Cruz.

Bart McGlothin, Compliance Solutions Architect, STBU, Cisco Systems

Bart McGlothin is a Solution Architect in the Compliance Solutions group at Cisco Systems, Inc. Bart leads the technical aspect of Cisco's SecureX Framework for Compliance and more specifically; Payment Card Industry (PCI) initiatives including Cisco's Validated Designs for PCI compliance. He has over sixteen years of solution architecture and design experience. Bart leads Cisco's involvement with the National Retail Federation's Association for Retail Technology Standards Committee (ARTS) as vice chair of the technical committee and a member of the ARTS board. Prior to Cisco, Bart worked as the Network Architect at Safeway, Inc.

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Rob McIndoe

Aaron Reynolds


Mike Adler

Tom Hua

Mark Allen

Raymond Jett

Annette Blum

Manny Kamer

Renata Budko

Rekha Krishna

John Carney

Paul Lysander

Danny Dhillon

Fernando Macias

Michael Dugan

Bob Nusbaum

Zeeshan Farees

Manu Parbhakar

Carol Ferrara-Zarb

Vikram Prabhakar

Syed Ghayer

Jim Rintoul

Sujit Ghosh

Brian Robertson

Manisha Gupta

Angel Shimelish

Jamey Heary

Rick Simon

Gary Halleen

Maria Sisiruca

Stuart Higgins

Sheri Spence

Amanda Holdan

Greg Varga

Christian Janoff
Bart McGlothin