Cisco ScanCenter Administrator Guide, Release 5.2
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Cisco ScanCenter is the administration portal to Cisco Cloud Web Security. From here, you can manage users and groups, set policy, monitor traffic, and generate reports. This guide details the full set of functionality available in Cisco ScanCenter. Some functionality may not be present in your account, depending on your region and vendor. If this is the case, you can contact your Cisco sales representative for further information. Currently, the following web browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and up.
  • The current and previous version of Mozilla Firefox.
  • The current and previous version of Google Chrome.


To return to a previous view, when there is a choice between using your web browser's back button and clicking the Cancel button, you should use the Cancel button.

The administration tasks in Cisco ScanCenter are accessed via the Admin tab:

  • Change your account details and password.
  • Update the IP addresses scanned by Cisco Cloud Web Security.
  • Verify dynamic DNS.
  • Manage admin users.
  • Manage company, group, and user keys.
  • Configure messages.
  • Manage users and groups.
  • Host configuration files.
  • Generate audits.
  • Manage HTTPS certificates, filters, and policy.