User Guide for Cisco Security Manager 4.3

Cisco Security Manager enables you to efficiently manage security policies on Cisco devices in a wide range of networks, from small networks consisting of a few devices to large networks with thousands of devices. You can use shareable objects and policies in Security Manager to manage thousands of devices or only a few. Security Manager also supports multiple configuration views that are optimized for different use cases, provides device grouping capabilities, and enables you to monitor, view, and examine events on your network. Security Manager also provides health and performance monitoring and image management for many types of devices.

Security Manager also supports provisioning of many platform-specific settings, for example, interfaces, routing, identity, QoS, and logging. Scalability is achieved through a rich feature set of shareable objects and policies and device grouping capabilities.

This user guide provides detailed descriptions of all the features available in Cisco Security Manager 4.3, procedures for implementing these features in your network, and comprehensive coverage of each field in the GUI.

Technical Documentation Set for this Release:

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