Installation Guide for Cisco Security Manager 4.0

Cisco Security Manager enables you to manage security policies on Cisco devices in large, medium, or small networks. You can use shareable objects and policies in Security Manager to manage thousands of devices or only a few. Security Manager also supports multiple configuration views that are optimized for different use cases, supports the provisioning of many platform-specific settings, provides device grouping capabilities, and enables you to monitor, view, and examine events on your network.

This installation guide does the following:

  • Lists hardware and software requirements for installing Security Manager and its related applications.
  • Explains important concepts about the software applications that you select for installation and the environment in which you install them.
  • Provides instructions for installing Security Manager server, Auto Update Server, Performance Monitor, and Resource Manager Essentials, and for installing dedicated client software for Security Manager.
  • Describes what you must do after installation so that you can use your newly installed applications successfully.
  • Guides you in understanding and troubleshooting problems that might occur during, or as a result of, installation.

Technical Documentation Set for this Release:

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