Cisco Physical Access Manager User Guide, Release 1.4.1
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Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions


If your Cisco PAM appliance is not working as expected, begin troubleshooting by following the procedures in this appendix. This appendix guides you through some initial checks and procedures that can help you solve some basic problems.


Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common licensing questions. For more information, see Obtaining and Installing Optional Feature Licenses.

Table E-1 Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions


What does the CPAM base license cover?

The base license will permit the following number of modules (Cisco or non-Cisco) to connect to the CPAM server:

Release 1.0.0: 4 modules are included with the base license

Release 1.1.0 and later: 32 modules are included with the base license

What additional license SKUs are available for additional Cisco modules?

CIAC-PAME-M64= is needed for up to 64 additional Cisco Modules

CIAC-PAME-M128= is needed for up to 128 additional Cisco Modules

CIAC-PAME-M512= is needed for up to 512 additional Cisco Modules

CIAC-PAME-M1024= is needed for up to 1024 additional Cisco Modules

What do I need if I have 200 Cisco modules?

You need the base, plus quantity 2 of CIAC-PAME-128=

Are licenses cumulative?

Yes, if you currently have a 64 module license and need to add 50 more, you need quantity 1 of CIAC-PAME-64= to add to the current license.

How are licenses keyed to the specific server?

By the CPAM software serial number that is obtained using the CPAM admin web interface. The serial number is 16 digits in the range of 0-F. The server hardware serial number is not used.

If the CPAM is in an HA (high availability) configuration with two servers, do I need two copies of each license?

No, all licenses are installed on the primary server with the exception of the HA license. The HA license is the only license installed on the standby server.

What is the SKU for the HA feature?

CIAC-CPAME-HA= is the SKU for the HA license.

Can a license be moved to another CPAM server?

No, once a license is issued it is bound to the server serial number that the license is issued against. You must obtain a new license for the server you wish to move the license to.

Who handles licensing issues for the CPAM server?

TAC can assist with installing a license. TAC can not generate licenses. If you have a problem with the license file itself you can email and seek additional assistance. You should include the CPAM serial number and the purchase or sales order number as well.

What software features require a license?

The Badge Designer application requires SKU CIAC-BD=

The Enterprise Data Integration feature requires SKU CIAC-EDI=

The Web Services API feature requires CIAC-PAME-WSAPI=

What is the process to acquire additional licenses?

Cisco or our partner generates a sales order and the licensing team then generates a PAK (Product Authorization Key). The PAK is entered into the licensing portal, and a license file is generated. The file can be downloaded at this point. The file is then installed onto the CPAM primary server (except the HA license which is installed on the standby server) using the web GUI interface. See the "Obtaining and Installing Optional Feature Licenses" section.

What are Controller Conversion licenses for?

These are for supporting non Cisco access panels.

What are the Controller Conversion licenses SKUs?

CIAC-PAME-L64= is needed for up to 64 additional non-Cisco Modules

CIAC-PAME-L128= is needed for up to 128 additional non-Cisco Modules

CIAC-PAME-L512= is needed for up to 512 additional non-Cisco Modules

CIAC-PAME-L1024= is needed for up to 1024 additional non-Cisco Modules