Cisco NAC Profiler Installation and Configuration Guide, Release 3.1.1
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About This Guide

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About This Guide



Document Conventions

New Features in This Release

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Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

About This Guide

August 2011, OL-23118-01

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Document Conventions

New Features in This Release

Product Documentation

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request


This guide is for network administrators who are planning to implement the Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Profiler system to manage endpoints in an enterprise network.


This guide describes how to install and configure the Cisco NAC Profiler. The Cisco NAC Profiler system consists of the Cisco NAC Profiler Server appliance and the Cisco NAC Profiler Collector component (shipped as a separate appliance).

See Product Documentation for further details on the related document set for the Cisco NAC Appliance.

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New Features in This Release

For a brief summary of the new features and enhancements available in this release refer to the Release Notes for Cisco NAC Profiler, Release 3.1.1.

Product Documentation

Document Updates

Table 1 Updates to This Guide



Modified the attribute values for Filter-ID response in Enabling RADIUS Authentication for Cisco NAC Profiler User Accounts, page 7


Note added under Appendix 4, "Cisco NAC Profiler Server Hardware Summary" section

Added that eth0/eth1 is not Supported for NetWatch.CSCtl51096 to Appendix 7, "Configuring a NetWatch Collector Module"


Note added under Chapter 5, "Uploading License Files on HA Cisco NAC Profiler Systems" section


Release of Cisco NAC Profiler Release 3.1.1


Summary of major changes incorporated in Release 3.1.1:

Modified Chapter 3, "Preparing for Deployment"(Collecting Endpoint Data from Active Directory Servers

Modified Chapter 6, "Configuring the Cisco NAC Profiler Server"(Advanced Options, Work Queue Size, Delay Collection, and Active Response Delay)

Modified Chapter 7, "Configuring Collector Modules" (Work Queue Size)

Modified Chapter 11, "Using Advanced XML Rules" (Advanced XML Rule Creation via the Advanced Rule Editor, Advanced Rule Structure and Syntax)

Modified Chapter 17, "Enabling LDAP Integration"(Forcing an HA Pair to Failover

Related Documents

lists the documents available for Cisco NAC Profiler and Cisco NAC Appliance on at the following URL:

Cisco NAC Profiler:

Cisco NAC Appliance:

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Table 2 Cisco NAC Profiler Document Set 

Document Title
Refer to This Document For Information On:

Release Notes for Cisco NAC Profiler, Release 3.1.1

Details on the latest Cisco NAC Profiler release

Cisco NAC Profiler Installation and Configuration Guide

Details on installing and configuring the Cisco NAC Profiler Server/Collector

Cisco NAC Appliance Service Contract/ Licensing Support

Details on ordering and installing Cisco NAC Profiler product licenses

Release Notes for Cisco NAC Appliance (Cisco Clean Access)

Details on Cisco NAC Appliance release, including:

New features and enhancements

Resolved caveats

Upgrade instructions

Supported AV/AS product charts

CAM/CAS/Agent compatibility and version information

Cisco NAC Appliance - Clean Access Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

Complete CAM details, including:

How to install the Clean Access Manager (CAM) software

Overviews of major concepts and features of Cisco NAC Appliance

How to use the CAM web console to perform global configuration of Cisco NAC Appliance (applying to all Clean Access Servers in the deployment)

How to configure CAM pairs for High Availability

Cisco NAC Appliance - Clean Access Server Installation and Configuration Guide

CAS-specific details, including:

CLI commands for starting the Cisco NAC Profiler Collector service on the Clean Access Server (CAS)

How to install the CAS software

Where to deploy the CAS on the network (general information)

How to perform local (CAS-specific) configuration using the CAS management pages of the CAM web console, or the CAS direct access console

How to configure CAS pairs for High Availability

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

For information on obtaining documentation, submitting a service request, and gathering additional information, see the monthly What's New in Cisco Product Documentation, which also lists all new and revised Cisco technical documentation, at:

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