Cisco NAC Guest Server Installation and Configuration Guide, Release 1.1.2
Guest Account Notification
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Guest Account Notification

Table Of Contents

Guest Account Notification

Configuring Email Notification

Configuring SMS Notification

Guest Account Notification

When a guest account is created, the details of the account need to be passed from the sponsor to the guest. The Cisco NAC Guest Server provides a number of ways to do this:

Manually reading the details to the guest from the screen

Printing the details out on paper

Sending the details in an email

Sending the details as an SMS text message

Sponsors always have the option of reading and printing out guest account details to guests.

Email and SMS text message notification require email servers to be configured, but can be configured based upon policy.

Note Email and SMS guest account notification policies need to be configured globally, then enabled per user group for individual sponsor permissions.

This chapter describes the following

Configuring Email Notification

Configuring SMS Notification

Configuring Email Notification

The following steps describe how to configure email settings for the Cisco NAC Guest Server to correctly deliver guest account details via email.

Step 1 From the administration interface, select Devices > Email Settings from the left hand menu.

Figure 9-1 Email Settings

Step 2 In the Email Settings page (Figure 9-1), click Yes for the Enable Email option to enable email functionality globally for the Cisco NAC Guest Server.

Step 3 For SMTP Server, type the IP address of the outbound SMTP server to which you need to deliver email. If you enter localhost, or leave this field empty, the Cisco NAC Guest Server attempts to deliver the email directly to the guest's SMTP server.

Step 4 In the Sent From Email Address field, type the email address from which you want guest notification emails to be sent (for example,

Step 5 Click the Save Settings button.

Step 6 Click the Restart button. After any change to email settings, you need to Restart the Sendmail service by clicking the Restart button so that the settings take effect.

Configuring SMS Notification

Short Message Service (SMS) is delivered through an SMS gateway service that supports SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) delivery. You need to have an internal SMS gateway service or subscribe to an external service to be able to deliver guest details via SMS.

Step 1 From the administration interface select Devices > SMS Settings from the left hand menu.

Figure 9-2 SMS Settings

Step 2 In the SMS Settings page (Figure 9-2), change the Enable SMS option to Yes to globally enable SMS on the Cisco NAC Guest Server.

Step 3 SMS requires an SMTP server to deliver the email to the SMS gateway. Click the Email Settings link to configure the SMTP Server as described Configuring Email Notification.

Step 4 In the Sent From field, type the sending email address for the email to be sent to the SMS gateway.

Step 5 Click Save Settings.

Note Depending on how details are routed to the SMS provider, you will need to customize the SMS portion of the User Interface template to include the guest's mobile phone number in the correct format for your SMS gateway. See Editing the SMS Template, page 10-6 for details.