Cisco Intrusion Prevention System Manager Express Configuration Guide for IPS 6.1
Configuring RSS Feeds
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Configuring RSS Feeds

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Configuring RSS Feeds

Understanding RSS Feeds

Configuring RSS Feeds

Configuring RSS Feeds

This chapter describes RSS feeds and how to configure them. It contains the following topics:

Understanding RSS Feeds

Configuring RSS Feeds

Understanding RSS Feeds

By default three RSS feed channels are set up to come directly from the Cisco Security Center website. But you can locate any RSS feeds that you want and configure IME to receive them in the Cisco Security Center > RSS Feeds pane. You can also have an RSS Feed gadget display the feeds from a specific URL.

RSS feed formats are used to publish frequently updated content such as security information, news items, podcasts, and blog entries. Through IME, you can configure RSS feeds to keep up with the latest in security challenges and security news.

IME supports the following RSS feed formats:

RSS 0.9x


RSS 2.0

Atom 0.3

Atom 1.0

You can use these RSS feed formats by using an open source library from Informa.

Use the tool bar in the RRS Feeds pane to configure and organize RSS feeds. You can also use the right-click menu for the same functions.

Configuring RSS Feeds

You can add RSS feed channels and organize them into categories. You can also configure RSS feeds preferences.

Note Although the RSS Feeds icons do not have labels, you can determine which icon is which by using the hover-over help.

To configure RSS feeds, follow these steps:

Step 1 Locate the website with the RSS feed that you want to add.

Step 2 Copy the URL of the RSS Feed.

Step 3 Choose Home > Cisco Security Center > RSS Feeds, and then click the Add Channel icon in the RSS Feeds tool bar.

Step 4 In the Add Channel dialog box, enter the URL of the channel from which you want to receive RSS Feeds.

The RSS Feed site appears in the left-hand pane and the items appear in the upper right-hand pane.

Step 5 To view an RSS feed item, select it in the list and click it.

The item information appears in the lower right-hand pane.

Step 6 To create another category for this RSS feed, click the Add Category icon, and in the Add Category dialog box, assign a new category name for this channel.

Step 7 To move a channel to another category, click the Move Channel icon and in the Move Channel dialog box, select the category to which you want to move the channel, and then click OK.

Step 8 To view the RSS URL and site name for that channel, click the Channel Property icon to see the Channel Property dialog box. You can also edit the site name.

Step 9 To configure the RSS Feeds preferences, click the Preferences icon.

a. Check the Allow duplicate channel creation check box if you want to be able to create duplicate channels.

b. From the drop-down menu, choose how many news items you want to remain in cache.

You can choose 10, 30, 50, 100, 300, or 1000.

c. In the Refresh every minutes field, choose how often you want to refresh RSS Feeds.

d. To change the default browser, click the Use following browser radio button, and enter the browser command line in the Browser command line field, and then click OK.